Major Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Personal Injury Attorney

When you or your close ones go through accidents or injuries, it becomes difficult to keep calm and make vital decisions, including hiring a personal injury lawyer. 

But once you have hired a NYC personal injury lawyer to help you with the claims, you have to understand that there are several types of personal injury claims. Next, you and your lawyer need to figure out the kind of claim your case falls under. 

Here’s an overview of the types of personal injury compensation damage claims-

Primarily there are two types of personal injury compensation damage claims: compensatory damages and punitive damages. 

  • Compensatory damages – Compensating with costs associated with your injury. They should be made available for all personal injury cases.
  • Punitive damages – Punishing the accused offender for causing harm. It has no relation with the type of injury you or your loved ones suffered. You’ll be awarded less frequently than compensatory damages.

Apart from these, we’ll be discussing the different situations under which you can make personal injury claims:

  • Accidents in any motor vehicle – In NYC, 5.5 million people are injured every year in motor vehicle accidents, and some situations become fatal. Out of these, thousands of people have been killed in car, bike, truck accidents due to their rash driving, carelessness or breaking signals, and overspeeding. 

Suppose you are injured as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian in a car accident. In that case, you are entitled to monetary compensation for your financial loss and the health hazards you have faced.

  • Medical negligence – The ignorance of any medical staff like nurses, doctors, hospitals, or other health professionals may lead to severe complications. There are several types of medical malpractice like surgical errors, misdiagnosis, misdiagnosis, medication mistakes, pharmacy errors, birth injuries, and incapability to identify serious health conditions like cancer. 

These cases are complicated and require the best experienced NYC personal injury lawyer to evaluate the potential malpractice and take necessary legal steps using their experience and expertise to maximize the compensation.

  • Premise’s liability – If you aren’t aware of this term, “premise’s liability” refers to a legal concept that includes personal injury cases where the cause of the injury was an unsafe or defective condition of someone’s property. This can happen anywhere, like in grocery markets, gas stations, restaurants, and many more. 

It is crucial to detect the cause or the defective condition as early as possible. A personal injury lawyer can help you guide through collecting information and ensure your rights in the legal process.

  • Wrongful death – This includes the instances where death results from the negligence of unlawful action of another person or party. If the victim’s family files a personal injury lawsuit for a situation where the dead could have easily lived, it is considered a wrongful death. 

The lawsuit permits the recovery of unique injuries that are different from those available when a person suffers a nonfatal injury. 


Accidents take place everywhere around the world. Still, suppose you are in NYC and searching for a NYC personal injury lawyer. In that case, Mirman Lawyers have decades of experience in handling individual injury cases, and they would help make the challenging situation as simple as possible.

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