5 Diseases Caused by Poor Oral Hygiene

Every person dreams to be fit and healthy throughout life. Many individuals take care of their physique, dress well, eat well, but do not pay attention to their oral hygiene. What people do not realize is that oral hygiene is not just about maintaining a bright white smile. It is about following proper oral hygiene to stay healthy.

Poor oral hygiene is not just dangerous for your teeth, gums, and mouth, it can also cause many health issues. Many types of germs and bacteria can thrive in your mouth and go into the bloodstream to severely affect your health. It can cause the following health problems:


Studies show that poor oral health can cause health issues related to the brain. Gums start releasing certain substances, which can get infected and damage brain cells. It can cause memory loss!

You should improve your oral hygiene from today to prevent the risk of gingivitis. It can cause Alzheimer’s disease and that would be a serious health concern for any healthy person. The bacteria released from your gums can quickly affect nerve channels and enter the bloodstream. The risk of dementia will increase pretty rapidly once the bacteria reach your brain with blood!

Cardiovascular health issues:

Poor oral hygiene can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. People often experience gum inflammation due to bacteria responsible for periodontal disease. These bacteria not only reside in the patient’s mouth but infect the bloodstream.

Oral bacteria can cause plaque buildup in arteries and that plaque only hardens with time. This condition is known as atherosclerosis and it is one of the most serious health issues. Such a blockage in arteries can cause a heart attack. It becomes a big threat to a person’s life. Therefore, oral hygiene is quite important.


A diabetic person is always at risk of periodontal disease and gum infection. However, very few people know that periodontal diseases can also make it so difficult to control diabetes. Such a disease can cause a huge spike in blood sugar levels. It can cause many severe health issues related to diabetes.

A diabetic person should follow a perfect oral hygiene routine. Regular brushing, flossing, and gargling help in eliminating the risk of gum diseases. Products like Mi Paste for sensitive teeth ensure your teeth are strong and the dentin is well-protected.

Respiratory system infection:

Poor oral health can be responsible for respiratory infection. Bacteria from swollen gums and poorly cleaned teeth can breach your respiratory system. These bacteria can cause pneumonia, COPD, bronchitis, and many serious diseases.

You can avoid such health problems by cleaning your mouth at least twice a day. Thus, no germs will survive longer in your mouth and you will be healthy much longer.

Complications during pregnancy:

Pregnant women are not only responsible for their health, but also proper development of the child. Therefore, it is more important for them to practice the best oral hygiene. Oral infections can occur during this time due to hormonal changes in the body. These infections can cause pregnancy complications.

You would never like to risk your baby’s health and life due to poor oral health. Therefore, you should clean your mouth regularly and floss daily to keep the germs out of your mouth. You will significantly reduce the risk of premature birth if you follow this advice.


Things take a more dangerous turn when poor oral hygiene is combined with smoking or chewing tobacco. Such practices rapidly increase the risk of mouth cancer, throat cancer, and other types of cancer.

Smoking, excess drinking, and chewing tobacco are dangerous to your health. Leave such bad habits today to live a healthy life. Follow an impeccable oral hygiene routine to completely eliminate the risk of health issues due to poor oral hygiene. You can opt to get rid of stains through cosmetic dentistry procedures like Dental veneers in Chatham.

Final thoughts:

As you have learned that poor oral hygiene not only affects your oral health but also causes many health problems. It hardly takes five minutes to clean the teeth and floss to kill accumulated germs. So, try it to stay healthy and maintain an attractive smile.

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