5 Essentials Every Musician Should Have

Musicians are rightly the soul of the society where we live. They are the ones who have the ability to soothe our ears and hearts with a few tunes playing in sync. Music is a universal language and the artists who perform them are some of the best people to have around. But have we ever thought about the things they need to become musicians?

Musicians can be vocalists or instrumentalists, and each of them has its own set of requirements. It is not limited to the things they need to perform in front of a big audience or for any gig. There are certain things that any musician needs in their regular day – mainly for practice. This article makes a list of some of the basic but very important requirements that a musician needs.
And if you are reading this as a musician, we hope it helps you to organize your practice room a little better.

The Musician’s Essentials List

1.   Sheet music and a Music stand

Whether you have your original tunes to play or you are performing good, old classics at a live show – every musician needs to have their references ready. These references are nothing but sheet music. The notations of a song, chords, and tunes of the instrument are the most important thing for a musician, no matter how experienced they are. And to hold your collection of sheet music in place, you need a sturdy music stand. A stand makes the notes easily accessible and maintains the order of songs while you play.

2.   Tuners and Metronome

If you are an instrumentalist, a tuner is your best friend. There are various kinds of tuners – both manual and electronic – that are available to musicians. Be it a guitar, violin, or flute, you need to have the tuner ready before any event or practice. Along with this, a metronome should also be kept handy. The metronome helps keep the time of the music and marks the time at selected rates.

3.   A great set of Amplifiers

Whether you are a vocalist or play any instrument, you need to have a fair amount of practice before a big performance. A live performance is different from one in the privacy of a house or a practice hall. Since big auditoriums and halls use amplifiers, musicians tend to go off tune. This is why musicians need to have a good set of amplifiers in their practice setup. If they start practicing with amplifiers, they will know which note or which part of their music has to be worked upon. There are various big music accessories businesses, like Addicted to Audio, which has a great selection of amplifiers to choose from. Practicing with amplifiers is a one-stop way to success in a big live show.

4.   Cleaning Supplies

No musician wants to see their instruments gather dust. This is why cleaning supplies for instruments are a must to have in any musician’s room. Cleaning cloths, oils, and polishes for wooden instruments and cleaning sprays are all part of the package that a musician needs to keep ready for their instrument cleaning. These cleaning supplies of instruments may vary but the basic set remains the same, and hence they are very easy to find and maintain.

These are the simple list of things a musician needs for their daily life and practice. But before making it big as a musician, they need to start from somewhere. And that place for any musician today is Social media.

5.   Social-media presence

Any good musician needs a great social media presence from the start of their career. It might just be a page they started as a hobby, but they are maintaining it on a regular basis. These music pages on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or making a music blog can become a portfolio for any performer. Musicians should start recording their practice sessions and any gig they perform on these platforms for a wide range of audiences to see. This is how they have a chance to flourish.

Take Your Chance When You Can

If you are born with the gift of music, that is a great blessing in itself. So, never let that go in vain. Gather all your strength, pick up the instrument or the microphone and keep making music you want to. Musicians are dreamers and they should always have the best possible chance to start their careers.

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