Corrective eyewear is meant to be functional and comfortable. But that does not imply that you must settle for eyeglasses with conventional designs. You can be trendy and have perfect visual acuity with the help of eyeglasses that are an extension of your personality. Since eyeglasses are often the first things that a person may notice about you, it is important to subtly make a memorable impression in workplaces and interviews.

Most eyeglasses today are designed to cater to the masses in a way that is not limited to prescriptions but style preferences as well. Investing in different styles can be a start towards expressing yourself through your eyewear, and there’s no better time to start than the present. It is important to note, that eyeglasses are long-term investments that are essential, but they can also be fashionable in the most effortless way.

To find a pair that speaks to you and for you during an important interview, let us take a look at some of the frame designs and style options you can experiment with.

Light Gunmetal Eyeglasses

Investing in lighter frames can be a daunting prospect for many, especially in the workplace. But gun-metal frames are easy-to-carry and integral to bringing a chic and simplistic touch to everyday workwear. Darker and bolder frames are a workplace staple, but lighter frames like these communicate a sense of approachability and style. The square lenses are also ideal if you value comfort since they provide almost full coverage to your eyes. The statement piece suits rounder faces best and lifts your features to look brighter and more memorable.

Workplace Wayfarers

To make a lasting impression during an interview, you can almost always benefit from investing in eyewear styles that have pronounced frames or which highlight your ‘browline’. These wayfarer eyeglasses are made of the same style and wearing them can brighten up your personality at the workplace quite effortlessly. Fashionable, memorable, and understated, these wayfarers are often seen in sunglass styles, but it is noteworthy that their eyeglass counterparts are also stylish enough to make heads turn. This style of lighter and breathable frames can be incorporated into your daily wear to make you always look your confident self.


A casual yet fashionable pair of eyeglasses, this semi-rimmed Clubmaster eyewear is great for making first impressions last longer. Adding Clubmaster-style eyeglasses to your daily eyewear collection is a great choice, as these are versatile enough to go with casual and business wear alike. Since Clubmasters are semi-rimmed, it is best suited for those who have thinner correctional lenses and prefer lightweight frames. This pair of eyeglasses is ideal for those who lean towards a cool and sophisticated finish and want to make a lasting impression wherever they go.

Round and Ovals

Echoing the style of the 1920s, the round and oval eyeglasses have been a staple for eyeglasses for a long time. Round and oval-shaped eyeglasses are great for those with square or V-shaped faces as they can soften angular features and balance them out to bring together a more symmetrical appearance on your face. The bold frames are standard for workplaces in the new age and a style staple when paired with round lenses. Lens comfort is important, and when teamed with a pair of well-designed round or oval eyeglasses, it brings out your oomph factor even when you are out on business.

Aviator Rimmed Eyeglasses

As a cornerstone of sunglass fashion, aviators have also been repurposed into daily eyewear. These eyeglasses are sure to make a lasting impression on the onlooker, as it breathes life into your features in the most effortless manner possible. The steel frames also add a touch of colour that goes well with almost all kinds of face shapes, making them one of the most versatile types of eyeglasses available in the market today. So, if you are banking on aviator glasses for your UV protection needs, you can do the same for a pair of eyeglasses as well.

Flaunt Your Eyeglasses in Your Interviews & Board Meetings at all Times

The above-mentioned list of trending eyeglasses is sure to light up your face, making you look more formal in your interviews and meetings. If you are hoping to explore more eyeglasses to cater to your personality requirements, then do check out trusted brands such as Fastrack, etc., online. You can, alternatively, also visit the nearby store to find that ideal pair.

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