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Not everyone succeeds in betting, but it is not the fault of betting shops, athletes, or teams. The problem is a lack of consistency and strategy. Anything that has already been thought up and tested by more than one bettor is definitely worth considering, but to blindly follow the course of someone else’s path is ridiculous at the very least. 

Also, there is no need to expect profits immediately after wanting to start an active betting career. You can only talk about professionalism and a serious hobby after 2-4 years, and that’s only considering the pre-match. Making predictions in play is not given to many people, because there is a higher risk. You need to think several times faster and you also need to control the situation in order not to “sink” the whole bank. Joocasino BET experts reveal 5 factors affecting success in betting.


It is important to understand that the psychology of betting is based solely on the aims and mood of the bettor. Sometimes you just want to feel like a pro and make bets for real money, but mostly many people want to succeed and earn consistently. But since the joy of victory is overshadowed by a series of losses, they simply “score” on betting.

It is always necessary to approach the betting systematically, precisely defining the goal and strictly adhering to the established course. It should not be forgotten that only thorough preparation will allow you to control the situation. Top teams do not always win, and you constantly need to be prepared for new failures. However, if you develop a winning spirit and catch the courage – everything will work out.


Most bettors lose even before confirming the bet because they are worried and afraid of losing money. So they choose low odds. Such “proven” offers, as well as many impulsive expresses, lead to failure. It is not necessary to emphasize victories, as well as on defeats should not be dwelled upon. Losses will be frequent, because athletes are also human and may be tired, have a bad mood, or have injuries. It is impossible to predict that a star player, the leader of the team, will hurt his leg when he enters the field.

It is also unrealistic to predict all the situations that will happen during a game. Forget about these worries and develop a winning principle. Confidence will appear gradually, it is worth only to work out your style, work out a strategy and still lose a little. No need to act on chance – lucky, unlucky. Only a clearly defined goal will be achieved, even despite the losses. It is important to constantly work on your mistakes, and you should certainly not bet on your favorite teams, because the effect of defeat will be doubly unpleasant.


In any field and regardless of the type of activity, earning money should be treated with respect. In betting, the first earnings can make a player’s head spin and he will immediately consider himself a pro. Moreover, if a winning streak continues and the profit increases, even more, self-esteem will rise several times. This usually translates into new acquisitions, reckless spending of money, and a riotous lifestyle. Accordingly, there is no time for analysis, and when finances run out, attempts to win quickly are made and the crash is as close as ever.

Therefore, experts advise:

  1. Always approach gambling with confidence and full concentration.
  2. Never make rash decisions.
  3. Winning is good, and earning more is even better.

In a separate order, it is worth highlighting the most serious flaw of any bettor – excusing oneself in different situations. Encouragement is possible but in moderation.


Each person is special in his way. However, many factors are considered universal and almost equally affect the success of betting. All these facts are scientifically proven because this is verified information, and not an attempt to attract your attention. Maybe some factors will seem absurd and incomprehensible, but in fact, everything happens that way. Therefore, let’s look at what noticeably or imperceptibly affects the success in betting:

  1. Bet hungry! Dutch scientists have provided some very interesting information. It turns out that when a person is full, he is more prone to laziness and unable to make strategically correct decisions. During the tests, hungry bettors were overly surprised with their bets. But in 73% of cases, they ended up with big winnings. It’s hard to understand why this is the case because, in essence, you can’t intentionally be patient and not eat for long periods of time. Even if it helps to win, it is better to eat in moderation and go for the goal, using proven strategies.
  2. Place your bets in the summer! A bit of an absurd decision, but the University of Toronto has analyzed that no one wants to gamble at all in the winter. In the summer and a little bit of spring, though, almost 61% of people try to start a serious business, set themselves exaggerated goals, and try to accomplish everything. But this does not mean that you have to wait for the warmth to start betting. After all, usually in the summertime, championships and tournaments are on vacation, so you can only bet on unknown leagues, for which there is not even a text broadcast. That’s why you have to take control of the time of year and keep moving confidently towards your goals.
  3. Cognitive distortion. The bettor chooses a match to bet on and takes into account one factor that he thinks is the most important. In simple words, the considered strategy goes into the background, because there is an interesting opportunity to make money. This is not a disease, but a simple human factor. Cognitive distortion also manifests itself as a “memory hole” effect. That is, the bettor remembered the expert’s opinion that the Los Angeles Lakers will lose the game against the Los Angeles Clippers. It is harder to remember because the names are almost all the same. Therefore, the player is guided by the odds, even without analyzing the situation. In general, betting on an unfamiliar sport is not worth it, because it only harms the budget.
  4. No fun – just concentration. When the mood is good, you usually want to improve it, respectively, you take some decisions against common sense and without reason. The increased risk is also present, so in such a state you should not do anything, especially any transactions with money. For the bettor, the most dangerous option is winning the last bet in the last minutes. Cheerfulness and courage appear. And the player makes the following predictions already on emotions and without qualitative analysis.
  5. Dependence on tre8nds. It is the largest section consisting of different factors. First of all, it is worth marking out the odds on the favorites. The bettor sees small odds and thinks it is better than to think long and risk. But strong teams or athletes can also make mistakes. Any match should be analyzed in a separate order, taking into account many different indicators. Additionally, you can highlight such a trend as betting only on handicaps, totals, or other types of betting. The strategy is simple: in a soccer match, after 75-80 minutes bet on the TM. It makes sense because the players are tired and there is no energy to score much. However, this tactic works in rare cases, although it is still possible to win sometimes.

As you can see, all of the above factors are quite interesting, familiar to someone, and proven. It cannot be said that the ideal bettor is a hungry, unhappy person living in Spain or another country where it is warm most of the year. It even sounds ridiculous enough, but such a portrait clearly does not describe a pro at betting.


Before you start earning from betting, it is very important to find out a few rules that allow you to succeed. All the factors will help multiply the capital or reduce the percentage of the risk of losing. You can print out a list and place it somewhere in a prominent place:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to bet or play in a casino while intoxicated.
  2. If you are severely overworked, you must postpone your predictions to a more favorable time.
  3. Va-bank, which leads to victory, is mainly used only in films.
  4. Betting/not betting on your favorite team is an individual decision that has nothing to do with luck.

Separately, there is no 100% strategy to win. It is difficult to find an effective tactic that will give at least 51%. But for this, you will need to become a professional who has gone through all the circles of hell: defeats, unpredictable outcomes, and other things.


Whatever the case may be, you should never get discouraged. Loses always happen, but they shouldn’t be the key factor in your career. If you dwell on defeat, there will be no mood for betting, let alone the desire to bet. Therefore, only a sober calculation, established strategy, and gradual pursuit of the set goal will allow achieving success.

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