5 Gifts Ideas For Colleagues Farewell

It’s hard to say goodbye to a colleague with whom you have spent 8 hours everyday.

In this way they have become an important part of your life. Don’t get sad, farewells are not meant to cry but some are meant to enjoy the last day with your colleagues. Celebrate the time you have shared together and treat them with a memorable gift to say thankyou for all the services they have provided. A gift would work wonderfully if you want them to remind you always. You don’t have to waste your time looking for the gift ideas because we have already lined up some of the goodbye gifts. Without wasting any time. Let’s start..

Personalised cake

No celebration is considered as a complete one if it has not started with a cake cutting ceremony. So to keep all those good things alive in your memories then try ending it with a sweet and delicious cake. You can get a personalised cake with your office photo or photo with your colleagues. If there’s someone’s birthday in the office you can get two cakes first one is a happy birthday cake and second is farewell one. Contact a bakery which bakes the personalised cakes and convey all the things you required on your cake.  They will be happy to help you with their best services.

Classic t-shirts or hats

We know that there are plenty of creative gifts available in the market but still a person would become very happy after seeing their names printed on t-shirts. If you are choosing this type of gift, always make sure that the quality of the stuff should be a top-notch one. So try to find a good quality soft t-shirt that fits them well too.

A t-shirt that they can use whenever to want themselves to be fully comfortable. And the same thing goes with the hat also. Choose a good quality hat to give to your coworker.  It will be the best farewell gift for your colleague cum friend.

Coffee mug

Remember when you both used to gossip near the coffee machine. But now you have to say goodbye to all those times but change is always for some betterment. Get a coffee mug for your parting colleague with some funny or inspirational quote printed on it. Whenever they are going to take a sip from this coffee mug they will have a sweet thought of you and all those gossip sessions they had with you.

Memory book

We all have some random clicked selfies in our smartphone. And the right time has come to get a good use out of those photos. Think of putting them all together in a scrapbook, it sounds very cool right? Your parting colleague would love to receive a book with the memories full of you together. You can add more kick to this gift by writing down the sweet messages in between. Whenever they are going to take a look at this, they will think of you fondly. Or consider this same notion with a twist by ordering the latest egift cards that allow you to also add a bespoke image and message.

Map coasters

No matter if that parting colleague is across the nation or are just a few miles away. They will always have you in their mind. Map coasters are the perfect goodbye gift for your colleague if they are moving to another city. This will turn out into a very helpful gift and a unique token of friendship. With these map coasters, you can give them a wooden engraved message to make your gift more heartwarming.

So these were some gifts to say the hardest goodbye to your office friend. And if you want to get something sweet for your parting colleague you can take the help from an online cake delivery option.

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