Four Gift Ideas for Alcohol Lovers

Depression is a complicated mental condition that causes you to feel various emotions, such as sadness or guilt. It is pretty straightforward to diagnose, even in high-functioning cases. When you lose appetite again, this can be a symptom. Others include feeling a loss of joy in things you used to love and a lack of energy. Motivation is another area that you will feel affected by, and many people find that they feel as if they can’t do anything anymore.

Because of these intense feelings, people may begin to self-medicate with alcohol. However, that is highly dangerous because it alters your brain, and it can be fatal. However, when you are experiencing depression and have a doctor or therapist, you can be prescribed Prozac. The only problem here is that people think it is safe to mix about alcohol and prozac when nothing could be further from the actual truth.

You Will Sleep

When you decide to mix alcohol and Prozac, your body will become fatigued. Alcohol makes Prozac, the side effects of the combination become more magnified. As a result, your body is going to want to rest. The problem here is that this is a dangerous option to take because your body won’t want to wake itself up. Instead, you will feel as if you could sleep for years. Sedation like this isn’t standard, and it isn’t safe. It can cause a coma-like effect on your body. Your heart rate can also slow, which is another hazard.

In conjunction with this, you will find that you can have difficulty breathing. With this effect in place, you could cause yourself to have a fatal reaction. One example is someone who suffers from sleep apnea. These people stop breathing at least forty times a night to one hundred in severe cases. With your body being riddled with the antidepressant and alcohol, you may not be able to fight back and wake yourself up.

Mixing Alcohol And Prozac Can Be Lethal

Mixing alcohol and Prozac can lead to a lethal overdose and a toxic chemical interaction. That chemical interaction can cause your heart to stop, your blood pressure to rise, and your body shut down. Alcohol is known as a downer, while Prozac is used to treat specific issues. As a result, they both have a long list of side effects. When you mix the two, each of those side effects will cause a strain on your heart and your ability to breathe correctly. When this happens, you can experience a heart attack or stroke-causing your heart to fail.

Alcohol And Prozac Can Cause Suicidal Thoughts

Both of these will immediately cause issues with the serotonin in your brain. While one is meant to help the uptake, the other will cause the opposite. Alcohol and Prozac can both cause depression and suicidal thoughts to arise. In addition to this, your depression can occur, causing you to think dangerous things. As a result, you can find that you attempt to hurt yourself or worse. No one should ever attempt anything like this; avoid mixing alcohol and Prozac. You should also never drive under the influence as that can cause a fatality.

Falls Arise From Alcohol And Prozac Mixing

Besides the suicidal thoughts, you will also find that your mental capacities are impaired. Along with the dizziness and weakness that you will be feeling at this time, you won’t be able to see clearly. This causes an inability to walk straight or get around safely on your own. Experiencing weakness like this will cause your body to stumble, and not only will you fall, you may hit things on the way down. That happens quite commonly with alcohol use, and Prozac can also cause impairment. Even something basic like going to the bathroom becomes difficult here because you could hit shelves, tables, or the sink in the room and cause severe injuries to yourself. In many cases, when you hit your head, you may not be sober enough to call for help leaving you to suffer hazardous consequences.

It is intensified because you have two substances that should never be put together, each attempting to operate the way that they are meant to. It causes conflicting signals, and as a result, your body will suffer as it can’t handle it. As the combination will also impair your heart’s functioning and your ability to breathe correctly, you will be in a great deal of pain.

Panic Attacks Can Be Fatal

Another reason you should never mix alcohol and Prozac is that you can force yourself to panic. The issues that you will undergo, such as feeling weak, dizzy, tired, pain, and other things of that nature, can cause a severe panic attack. That is highly dangerous as you will be having trouble breathing already. This is only going to exacerbate the problem. In addition to this, your heart is already working overtime, and now you are forcing it to work harder when it can’t. As you get more scared, your body won’t relax, and you may pass out. From here, you cannot call for help, and your internal system may not bring you out of it because it can’t. If that is the case, your panic attack can cause your death.

Avoid Mixing Alcohol And Prozac

Alcohol and Prozac should never be mixed. The two both have particular functions that they want to perform for your body, and as they are conflicting in what they do, your body and the internal system don’t know how to react appropriately. As a result, you will experience a wide variety of different symptoms that can range from dangerous to fatal. It is essential to inform people that there are no minor consequences, and each symptom gets worse over time.

Avoid self-medicating and attempting to mix dangerous things. Instead, place your focus on getting the help you need to deal with your issues safely. When you do, you can become healthy safely.

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