Fall is a great time to perform home repairs rather than waiting until the spring. With the crisp, cool air coupled with fewer distractions, you can take care of tasks around the house more efficiently than during any other season. Here are the top 5 home maintenance projects you should tackle this fall season:

Inspect your roof

A leaking roof can damage your home’s foundation, interiors, and even its structural integrity. In order to prevent serious problems from developing as a result of water damage, it is important to inspect and repair your roof during the fall – when smaller leaks are easier to repair – before snow, and freezing temperatures make it more challenging and expensive to do. Find out if your roof needs to be repaired now. Ask for help from the experts.

Clean your gutters

Fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris can clog your rain gutters. This reduces the flow of rainwater off your roof to your lawn and garden areas, which may increase the risk of flooding. Over time, this can weaken any structure around your home, including decking and patios.

Gutter cleaning with a ladder is dangerous and leaves you with wet, messy eaves. Hire plumbing professionals who use equipment that eliminates the hassle and risk of gutter cleaning with a ladder.

Reseal your doors and windows

By sealing your doors and windows in preparation for the fall, you will reduce drafts and lower your heating and cooling costs through the winter. Weatherstripping installs easily on the bottom of your door, around windows, and over vents to give you a more comfortable, energy-efficient home. It will keep out drafts, cold weather, and noise coming from the outside of your home.

Prep your lawn

A bright and beautiful lawn doesn’t just happen. It takes time and diligent work to grow, cultivate, and maintain such a stunning display. Fall is a good time to get a jump on the lawn care season. The ground has cooled off from summer heat and should be easier to work in. Now is the time to remove leaves from the lawn, treat the lawn for weeds and insects, fertilize to promote new grass growth, and evaluate your irrigation system.

Have your AC serviced by a pro

There are good reasons you should have your AC checked out in the fall, not just because of the cooler temperatures. An annual inspection will catch maintenance problems early when they are least expensive to repair. A fall tune-up can help ensure your AC is running at peak efficiency come the hot days of summer. During a certified professional’s visit, they’ll check your system for leaks, inspect its parts, and replace batteries or filters as needed.

Book a professional air conditioner repair service today

An air conditioner repair can help you save money on your energy bills and extend the life of your AC unit. Whether your original AC is simply showing signs of aging, or experiencing a more serious problem, make sure to call the pros to restore your system. It might be tempting to try fixing it on your own, but you should always let a professional handle it. That’s because not only are many AC repairs physically demanding, but they also require the use of dangerous chemicals and specialized equipment. If something goes wrong with an AC job that you’ve taken on by yourself, you could expose yourself to harmful toxins or start a fire.

Do not wait for the next day to schedule an air conditioning repair. Partner with a trusted licensed HVAC company in your local area today!

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