Through extensive training and professional knowledge, dentists are capable of fulfilling a diverse array of treatments which range in their purpose. Due to modern technology and decades of practice, there stands a dental treatment capable of remedying virtually any dental complication a patient may develop in their lifetime, ultimately ensuring any smile is brought to its optimal appearance and function.

While all types of services are essential to securing the oral health of countless patients, some of them remain more common and well-practiced than others. To gain a better understanding of the ingenuity and convenience of the dental industry, let’s review the five most common reasons patients step foot in their trusted dentist’s office!

Dental Cleaning

A routine cleaning is the focal point in ensuring the optimal health of every smile, and undeniably the most common reason patient’s step foot in their local dental office. Utilizing professional grade tools; dentists and hygienists effectively remove plaque and tartar buildup throughout the teeth and gums, deeply brush the teeth with a specialized toothpaste and high-powered electric brush, carefully floss out any remaining particles, and finish with administering a fluoride rinse treatment to strengthen the integrity of a patient’s teeth!

Ideally, all of us should visit our dentist at least twice a year to receive a professional checkup and cleaning. This service grants the patient’s smile a deep cleanse unparalleled to what may be achieved at home, while also giving the dentist the opportunity to track the patient’s oral health! 


This long standing service is celebrated for providing a solid solution to a common dental mishap. Virtually all patients, at some point in their lifetime, will develop a cavity. While this form of tooth decay is frequent, it must be urgently rectified to halt its progression into something much worse.

Fillings consist of specialized dental material, which a professional applies into a patient’s tooth once the decayed area of the cavity is properly excavated. This restores the shape and function of the tooth, sealing it back up and effectively warding off future bacteria development in that specific area. Fillings may also be utilized to repair the structure of teeth which have been chipped, cracked, or broken. 

Teeth Whitening 

A radiant white smile has consistently proven itself as a desirable asset since generations ago. However, with the rise of social media driving the upward trend of people of all genders spending more money on beauty products, it’s unsurprising that many consumers are increasingly investing in ways to enhance their smile’s appearance. 

To accommodate this growing market segment, there are a plethora of over-the-counter solutions available for purchase to assist in whitening a smile, ranging from toothpastes infused with particular elements to teeth whitening strips. However, if patients seek the most reputable results, they will book an appointment with their dental professional. Utilizing state of the art technology and a skillful approach, many dental offices can drastically brighten up a patient’s smile with results which will last much longer than anything a drugstore product can offer in as little as just one visit! Check out the top 10 teeth whitening products.

Root Canals

Root canals are commonly performed, and save the smiles of countless patients every single day in the process. Root canals are needed when tooth decay develops far beyond a mere cavity. When infection reaches beyond the enamel and into the precious inner layer of a tooth (the pulp), a dental professional must perform this procedure to restore the integrity of a patient’s smile.

The service consists of a professional drilling into the inner layer of the tooth, cleansing and removing the infected or inflamed delicate tissue within. Once the canal is cleaned, disinfected, and shaped, the dentist inserts a specialized material to act as a substitute pulp and then properly seals the tooth back up. Alleviating the patient of the infection while restoring the tooth’s functional capabilities back to standard.


As mentioned previously, a beautiful smile has always been a desirable asset! It’s no wonder why millions of people every year commit to some form of orthodontic service to correct the positioning of any misaligned teeth. Not only does a smile straight in alignment catch the positive attention of your peers, it also greatly improves your smile’s function in performing essential tasks such as chewing and speaking!

Braces have been adopted by millions throughout the decades, reputable in slowly and permanently correcting the most misshapen of smiles. While the results of braces are undeniable, a modern treatment named Invisalign has also been developed with a comparable ability- even managing to outdo braces in certain criteria such as timespan and flexibility.  

Find a Dentist Which Offers All of This and More!

To learn more about other common dental treatments, or discuss particular procedures your smile may require, we urge you to contact our office or book an appointment with us immediately! Our talented team is dedicated to provide our patients with a vast array of dental solutions capable of elevating any smile and the challenges it may face through life’s journey.

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