5 Need-to-Know Workplace Safety Tips and Tricks

Since health and safety awareness has spread far and wide, workplace incidents have declined considerably. Yet, we’re still losing at least 5,000 people a year due to incidents at work.

That’s why every business, be it an office or an industrial concern, needs to upgrade its health and safety procedures to ensure everyone’s safety at work.

Are you onboard? Take a look at these tips on how to improve workplace safety in your business.

  1. Improving Workplace Safety With Training

According to OSHA, no worker my perform any task without proper training. Unless they know the boundaries and dangers involved in their tasks, it’s easy for accidents to happen.

For instance, those who work at heights should receive the relevant safety harness equipment and adequate training on how to do so safely. Likewise, anyone involved with potentially hazardous chemicals must know the risks involved and how to avoid them

Most chemical suppliers websites like northindustrial.net, https://umbrellachemical.us/, and univarsolutions.com provide relevant safety advisements on their websites. So you can fill your workers in on any necessary cautionary measures.

Every new employee should receive training about potential hazards in the workplace and must also know your workplace safety plan in the event things go wrong.

  1. Limit Things That Hamper Workplace Safety

It’s not enough to simply warn your employees about possible dangers. Try to eliminate them from the start.

Keep harmful chemicals, dangerous items, and heavy machinery in designated areas, away from general workspaces. A simple thing like workplace safety signs can also go a long way toward alerting workers about steep steps, slippery floors, or flammable substances.

  1. Give Your Workers What They Need

You’re required by law to provide good quality safety gear to your workers as needed. This PPE includes facemasks, safety footwear, and protective clothing as necessary.

You must also ensure you have workers’ compensation insurance, which covers their medical bills in the event of an accident.

Both of the above aspects are strictly enforced by OSHA and you could face heavy fines for non-compliance.

  1. Create a Culture of Compliance

Teamwork makes the dream work when it comes to health and safety. It’s up to every employee to do everything they can to ensure their safety and that of others in the workplace.

Encourage employees to monitor their colleagues’ safety compliance standards and let them know where they’re going wrong. Let everyone know that you’re open to whistleblowing in cases of deliberate non-compliance.

  1. Set Up a Safety Committee

Setting up a committee of their peers is one of the best workplace safety tips to get everyone on board. This band of safety champions can help oversee safety implementation on the ground and are an important sounding board for further initiatives.

They’re perfectly positioned to come up with workplace safety ideas based on their hands-on experiences as employees.

Setting the Standard for Safety in Your Business

When it comes to workplace safety it’s your job as a business leader to set the example. Always follow safety recommendations to the letter, so your employees know that you’re serious about their wellbeing.

Workplace injuries damage morale and hamper productivity, so safety measures should be a top priority for you.

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