5 Point Checklist: What Beauty Products to Pack While Travel

Being beautiful is all about being consistent and regular with your self-care routines. No matter how busy you are or how much time do you get for yourself, being a woman, it is important to devote some time of your busy schedule to your beauty routine. If you are at home then it becomes easy for you since you have all the free time in the evening and all of your favorite products handy. But it becomes a time when you travel. You might not be able to carry all the products along with your due to the heavy luggage but you can certainly carry few products which are essential and can be easily carried along with you while traveling. Here is the list of the products that you can carry with you while traveling.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Don’t you wish to click gorgeous pics while enjoying your holiday? Good hair plays an important role to make you look beautiful. Hence it is important to carry the shampoo and conditioner along with you. Now you must be wondering how to carry those bulky bottles of shampoo and conditioner along with you? Do not worry. There are many brands nowadays that offer products in travel-size packages. You can get the travel packaging set of shampoo and conditioner which you can carry in your handbag.  Most of the brands such as https://ellusandkrue.com.au  also provide serum along with shampoo and conditioner. If you search for a shampoo and conditioner travel combo then you will get many options to choose from.


Whether you are indoor or outdoor you can not skip applying sunscreen. A good SPF sunscreen will help to protect your skin from harmful sunrays. Hence make sure to carry a small tube of sunscreen along with you while traveling. Since you will be applying it a couple of times a day while traveling, it is advisable to keep it in your handbag so that you can access it easily. You can either choose it between gel, mousse, or spray form as per your choice. Most of the skincare brands offer travel-size packaging as well as sunscreens. You can get the mineral-based one for your face and the regular one for the rest of your body.

BB Cream & Bronzer

No selfies are complete without good makeup. But you do not wish to carry the whole makeup kit along with you. So, what you will do? You can carry your favorite BB cream which would provide decent coverage to your face and hide the blemishes for that glowing look. Looking for a sparkling glow? Do not forget to carry the bronzer along with you.  A stroke of bronzer would add a sparkling glow to your face instantly without any layers of make-up. You can use the bronzer on your eyelids as well. This will help to open up your eyes. You will get various shades in bronzer. You can choose the one as per your skin tone.

Cleanser and Moisturizer

Here comes the essentials of skincare which you would need to carry along with you wherever you go. Though skincare is all about cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, it won’t be possible for you to carry everything while traveling. Hence make sure to carry at least a good soap-free cleanser and a hydrating moisturizer. Again, here you can opt for the travel size packages for the same. Many skincare brands provide travel-size packages for cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. You can get the same and throw it in your handbag.

Eye Make-Up

You do not wish to carry a lot of makeup things along but you still want to look best. In this case, you can only carry eye makeup essentials. You can grab your favorite mascara and eyeliner to quickly define and open up your eyes. A base of bb cream and the touch liner as well as mascara will prepare you for any kind of outing. If you wish to play around with colors then do not forget to add one or two eyeshadow tints to define your eyelids. If you are a kohl fan then you can carry a kohl pencil which will work as an eyeliner as well. Hence you would not need to carry the eyeliner separately.

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