Did you know that the advertising industry is a multibillion-dollar trade that forms a crucial link between the manufacturer and the consumer? Over time, advertising has evolved to encompass various media used in increasing the effectiveness of marketing. One of the most effective forms of advertising is the Out of Home method. Home advertising has been referred to as one of the most effective forms of advertising today. In this article, we will take a closer look at the key characteristics of Out of Home advertising and its advantages over other forms of advertising. 

So What Is OOH (Out Of Home) Advertising?

Out Of Home advertising is also referred to as out-of-home media. It is any visual advertising media that the consumer interacts with outside the typical home setting. Some common OO-home advertising mediums include billboards, indoor and outdoor signs, ads on transit vehicles, street furniture ads, and place-based media like you would observe at a stadium or a bowling alley. In total, out-of-home advertising accounts for any screens, logos, and billboards you see when you leave the house in the morning. Out Of Home advertising is worth over $8 billion in the United States alone. Most advertising agencies will tell you that out of home advertising is the best advertising method to get the word out about a new product in the market.

The main types of Out of Home Advertising

Out Of Home displays can be divided into four categories; Billboards, Street furniture, transit, and place-based OOH. OOH, advertising firms and agencies make use of captivating imagery to draw the onlooker in. These images will often feature bright colours and interesting images. The goal is to draw the attention of the consumer and keep it for a few moments. You will notice that most types of out of home advertising media are placed in highly populated areas. This is because traffic is a key component of marketing. There would be no point in placing an ad that no one would see. In addition, advertising media has to be placed in a visible place. Most advertising media is placed at an elevated angle so consumers can be seen from afar.

With Out Home Marketing, Less is More.

Out-of-home marketing is more effective when kept simple. Any messages you intend to put out have to be simple yet captivating. It is important to keep the messages short because consumers will only look at them for a few moments. OOH advertising aims to create a lasting impact on the consumer by appealing to their curious nature. If you want your out of home media to get more attention creating an air of mystery around your adverts will do the trick. 

Other forms of advertising work better when supported by out of home advertising

More media planners include out of home advertising in their marketing plans. This is primarily because mobile click-through rates increase when consumers see media in the real world. Researchers have also observed that 46% of US consumers use a search engine to look up a product after seeing an out-of-home advert. These statistics show that consumers are more likely to interact with your product online after OOH adverts spark their interest. If you ever wondered how out of home advertising impacts your marketing goals, this fact should answer your question. 

Thanks to the use of geo-targeting data, companies can follow up out of home advertising with further targeted ads increasing the effectiveness of out-of-home adverts. Geo-targeting also allows companies to create maps that allow for better OOH adverts placed in the perfect locations. Using out-of-home marketing and Geo-targeting data allows you to create a visual map of where your target market is located and how you can best access them.

How Does OOH Advertising Compare to Online Marketing?

It is impossible to deny the far-reaching effects of online marketing in modern society. More consumers today are interacting with their smart devices. However, consumers are more likely to look up our brand after seeing your advert. Chances are, your target audience does not know your product or service exists before seeing a real-time advert prompting their curiosity. Studies show search engine engagement improves by 26% when companies utilize out-of-home marketing. In essence, we can say that OOH advertising and online marketing have a symbiotic relationship.


Out Of Home advertising can be considered a catalyst for other forms of advertising. Advertising agencies are discovering the innate use of data to transform out-of-home marketing into a more effective marketing tool. The data-driven approach in out of home advertising includes implementing location data for better-targeted advertising media. Media planners have reported actual data proving the effectiveness of out-of-home adverts when used in conjunction with location data. Research also shows that advertising is best approached from a multi-faceted angle for increased effectiveness. Your company stands a better chance at success if you implement several forms of advertising simultaneously.

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