Site Work Estimating

A collective winning bid proposal with a competitive one demand knowledge and competency with a skill. It might consider as a complication while enclosing a few numbers together and hope for the best. Adequate bid preparation may require extensive time and effort, mainly involving everything from a careful reading and complete understanding of the plans and specifications. It leads to accurate estimating cost related to Site Work Estimating for labour, materials and equipment.

Experiencing a mistake can be meaningful by differentiating between submitting a winning bid and missing out onto a profitable project. Below are the few top 5 useful tips for offering a better bid.

Analyse Clarification

While preparing a bid, examine your due diligence to ensure that you have acquired relevant information accurately and thoroughly understand this detailed information. It evaluated the extensive reviewing of the plans and demanded specifications to bid a project.

Be alert of having cut-off dates in replacement for questions to be submitted. It also allows for any changes to the plans or specifications to create any addenda that the bidders mainly issued. If you are unclear by having ambiguity on any particular thing, you will get clarification. You cannot win a bid through assuming things; you have to get answers to relevant questions to get satisfied.

Deliver accurate estimates

Try to manage your schedule to review the plans and specifications to determine accurate measurements and quantity takeoff. It will help to get effective results by having actual construction costs. To submit accurate bids, Remote  Estimating software will generally help to gain accurate estimates.

Be vigilant while estimating because acquiring incompetent estimates will lead you towards miscalculations of the amount required by building materials and your labour needs to fulfil the job. In result, it will lead to underestimating of your construction costs. Manage yourself to have accurate units and accurate calculations for your bids.

Evaluate Subcontractors

Evaluation of Subcontractors is necessary before having Electrical Estimating. Many subcontractors deliver competitive prices for different things, and your demand is effectiveness in work. Try to have services from subcontractors whom you don’t know or one you know from years. One effective solution to overcome this trouble is to request bids from subcontractors and define the work scope that the subcontractor expects from you to perform. Failing in this situation will result in unnecessary costs being added to your bid from an overlap of work.

Labour costs

Evaluating Labor Costs considers as one of the most compelling aspects to prepare your bid. To examine your labour costs may cost you to have a factor in hourly wages along with man-hours. It also involves a specific task to complete it. The main thing you need to take into is the productivity and experience of your workers.

The main things to include are employee turnover, absences and injuries can affect your actual labour costs. Try to hire experienced workers. They will manage to complete tasks instantly and reduce the number of man-hours required and pay a higher rate for their services. Workers with less experience will require extensive man-hours to complete a job and pay workers on lower wages.

Incomplete Bid Forms and Documents

To fulfil the complete demands of bid form demands to submit the essential requirements. It helps to save you from a rejection of bid winning. It requires documents and paperwork related to bid bonds to acknowledge receipt of any addenda.

Prepare a checklist to ensure either you have fulfilled the complete paperwork or missing the essential elements. It won’t hurt to get another set of eyes to look at the bid proposal and ensure it has been forgotten before submitting your bid.


Preparing a bid winning task may demand a lot of hard work. It requires a lot of time and attention to different details. The key to winning more bids is through an accurate estimate that includes all costs to complete the job by factoring in your company’s reasonable profit.

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