5 Quick Ways to Improve Students’ Academic Essay Writing Skills

Students’ academic struggles have always been a hot topic of discussion among academic experts and researchers.

The understanding of students’ mindset has provided many to come up with the solutions to deal with the underlying issues that act as a hindrance to a student’s willingness to face academic challenges and become a confident learner.

When it comes to improving academic performance, the most highlighted ones are, students worrying about their classes, assignments, exams, and studying (a schedule they make and struggle each day to follow rigorously).

What is not taken into account is that academic performance that also includes skills that are always in dire need to be developed or polished. And one of the crucial ones that are not paid heed to is the writing skills.

The brightest students can even find themselves underperforming when it comes to writing essays. So, what can be done about this situation?

Students when finding themselves unproductive and dull, is usually because they are in a rut and surrounded with the uncertainty of not knowing what to do to improve.

Here we will be narrowing down the topic just by highlighting one of the imperative yet underperformed academic skills that certainly will help you to escalate in your journey towards your academic improvement a bit faster in order to become a super achiever in your academics.

  1. Be positive

First and foremost, students need to stay positive. Do not react when you feel defeated or disappointed. The first thing you need is to obliterate the negativity from your head.

Be your own counsellor, tell yourself that you are capable of achieving whatever you put your mind to.

This will be your first step toward improvement when you adopt a positive mental attitude.

  1. Open up to your teachers

To improve your academic performance fast, just turn to your teacher for their expert advice and specific feedback. They know you well, ask them what are your weak areas in academics that need to be taken care of.

Your teachers’ advice when coupled with the suggestions given here in this article can help you tailor a plan that conforms to the situation you are in.


Let’s talk about the most underperformed academic skill, the fastest way to improve in academics is to improve your essay writing skills.

It can easily be adjusted and fixed by learning or improving a few writing styles and you can also avail the help available online that can fix my essay and even give you some helpful guidelines on improving your writing skills.

Academic writing skills we can say are about styles that one can easily learn. Students must know some basics of writing techniques.

  1. Make some prior notes or an outline

Before you start with your writing. You should know the structure of an essay or a research paper is constructed on a few elements.

The essay must have an introduction that carries its thesis statement, the body that contains several paragraphs with arguments and evidence to support its thesis, and lastly the conclusion.

  1. Be Mindful of your basic grammar

Be sure that your basic grammar is in place. You must have a good and solid understanding of it.

  1. Use the right words/vocabulary

Do not delude yourself with the idea that fancy words can make you sound intelligent, it can have a reverse effect instead. You should avoid using words that are ambiguous that can diminish the clarity of your essay.

In such situations when you are not sure you can take your teacher’s help or any expert help from different sources available on websites that can fix your essay in no time.

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