Smokers today understand that the best way to enjoy a smooth experience consuming therapeutic herbs is using bongs for smoking. This is a habit that has been around for a while and for the right price, you could buy the bog which best fits the needs that you have. Before understanding the reasons as to why people smoke their weed with bongs, knowing more about bongs is essential to the decision you make during purchase. There are gas mask bongs recycler bongs, ice bongs, standard bongs and percolators which are all common types of bongs you should find in the market in your search for the best smoking option. Assess the material with which they are made of and better yet choose the item that best fits your budgeting. In order to understand how to choose your bong, go through the numerous merits there are of using a bong for your smoking needs today.

Enjoy smooth hits

Comfort is an important factor of consideration for most smokers and this is also the reason they seek smoking aids like bongs. With such smoking tools, it is not just about looking fancy but also enjoying the best experience when smoking. You should avoid the irritating feeling that is caused by traditional cannabis smoking on your throat. The hot smoke moving down your breathing tract will also cause your chest discomfort among other nuisances if you are a savvy user. The smoke from your marijuana will cool down in bong water allowing you to get smooth hits only. The use of bongs for smoking has been proven to alleviate the effects of smoking in the human body thus allowing you to have fun without adverse repercussions.

Improved filtration

In case you had no clue, any form of combustion might end up giving a lot carcinogen. Traditional smokers suffer the most from this effect as they directly inhale harmful compounds into their bodies. Bongs may not fully eliminate these toxic elements but better yet mitigate their entry from the bong. Since the smoke is filtered through water before entering your mouth, you should expect most of the harmful compounds to remain in the water all through the procedure. This is also the reason you are advised to regularly change bong water to improve its absorption rate of harmful compounds. There are also ash-catcher attachments which you can use for your bong in case you want to manage your bong use better.

Mitigate bacteria and mold

Did you know that traditional smokers inhale most microbes than bong smokers? It is now evident that bong water plays a crucial role in helping you reduce the number of microbes that get into your system during smoking. Traditional smoking entails passing joints and pipes to one another without the concern of any illnesses which could be transferred to other users. Rather than your lungs having to do the filtration of microbes, the act happens in the bong water improving the quality of smoke that you get ultimately. A weekly cleaning session are necessary and so is changing the bong water especially after prolonged use. The best cleaning agents are course sea salt and alcohol for cleaning the sticky stains from the walls of your bong during cleaning. Wiping the mouth of your bong is furthermore instrumental if you are to mitigate sharing of microbes when passing bong from smoker to the next in case you are smoking with your buddies.

Enjoy bigger puffs

After looking at several movies and professional smokers, most people end up trying to take larger puffs than they should. Before getting to the effects of the same, you should know the type of bong that you use can play a crucial role in determining the size and quality of smoke that you get. Most smokers prefer the glass bongs for huge puffs intake even though it may not be healthy for their lungs. You can choke on the smoke if you take on more than you can handle. Glass bongs allow the smoker to fill the bon with a lot of smoke and consume all of the smoke in just but a hit. You can try out new ways to style your smoke when exhaling for fun and also when you want to impress your buddies that are smoking with you. As a beginner, you are advised to start with small sized smokes from your bong as you learn better management of the same before you start trying out new things with a lot of smoke from the bong.

Bongs are classy and fun

Did you know that bongs are unique and specially styled to be soothing to the eye for most smokers? Smoking is regarded as a social activity which means that at some point you will have to share a joint with others. By purchasing a bong, you immediately stand out from the rest of the crowd as besides bigger puffs or smokes, you also enjoy flavoring your weed and enjoying a healthier mode of smoking. For most people bongs, can conversation starters which can help you relate well with other smokers that especially if you invest in the best quality and designs of bongs that will leave the immediate group around you impressed.

Mitigate effects of joint/ blunt smoking

Smoking traditionally is very common and preferred by people however not the best for their health. For tobacco users, smoking cigarette blunts will increase your chances of developing heavy phlegm and also developing respiratory issues like trouble breathing among various side effects. If you want to best manage these effects, use bongs which can help purify the smoke getting into your system for the best smoking session experienced. They are much safer for you lungs and breathing system which is also a mode of self-care for most people that are regular smokers. The fingers of smokers also get discolored with time when smoking traditionally however this can best be avoided by choosing the right bongs and smoking pipes to use.

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