5 reasons to spend the winter in Thailand

If you are tired of snowdrifts or slush, you can easily escape that. In Thailand, the weather is nice at any time of the year, and in addition to beach activities, there are many other interesting things to do.

Thailand is one of the few countries on the planet that is open to tourism. Tropical islands also accept travelers, but a trip to the Maldives will cost much more, while in countries with lower prices, such as Turkey and Egypt, it is still cool in the winter and spring months. Thailand perfectly combines low cost and all the charms of a tropical climate. Thailand is my number one recommendation if you want to go to Tropics, have fun, and learn a lot of new things about different culture.

This year’s trips have one special feature: the first two weeks tourists need to spend in one of the quarantine hotels in Bangkok. This measure is caused by the pandemic — it may seem difficult, but it makes the situation in the country safer and reduces the risk of getting sick while traveling. Also, the quarantine takes place in very comfortable conditions: an airport transfer, three meals a day at the hotel, Wi-Fi, coronavirus tests, and daily walks.

Finally, after the quarantine and negative Corona tests, you will get complete freedom of choice. Here we present some awesome things you can do in Thailand.

  1. Try a hot stone massage

Unlike traditional Thai massage, where you are walked on, actively slapped on the hands, feet, and back, and sometimes even pulled by the hair, the stones will not hurt. If you love the feeling of warmth and lightness in the body, you will love this procedure. The secret of this massage is that the preheated stones are placed on the active points of your body according to a traditional technique. This removes the clamps and provides deep relaxation of the muscles.

One of the best places for hot stone massage is the village of Bophut on Koh Samui. Here you can enjoy a special pleasure — enjoy the view of Phangan Bay during the procedure. In any case, it is better to book a session at the local spa: the competencies of massage masters are usually much better there, and the procedure is several times longer.

Many students struggle with stress and excessive tension, massage can help with that too. Relaxing is much more pleasant when all the important things, like writing assignments are completed. There are many qualified writers who can help with academic writing, it is even possible to buy essay.

  1. Meditate in silence on a white beach

Ao Hin Kok (translated from Thai “Beach of silence”) on the island of Koh Samet in the province of Rayong-perhaps one of the quietest places in Thailand. You can not make noise, drink, and smoke here because monks meditate nearby. You can also meditate on the Beach of Silence and look inside yourself.

Another Mecca of meditation in Thailand is the Wat Suan Mokkh International Dharma Hermitage in Surat Thani province. It regularly hosts 10-day silent retreats. It is believed that if you stop communicating with other people and spend whole days meditating, you can get to know yourself better, reboot, and find the strength for new achievements.

  1. Taste mango with rice and love durian

Thai cuisine is influenced by India, China, and Europe, but at the same time, it is completely authentic. The local chefs can make unusual combinations of products: coconut milk and ginger, fragrant lemongrass and spicy galangal, sugar and fish sauce, peanuts, and chili pepper.

Introduction to Thai cuisine usually begins with tom yam-a sour-spicy broth with shrimp, chicken, pork, or fish. Try also juicy mango with rice and other desserts with exotic fruits. Special attention should be paid to tom kha coconut milk soup, pad thai rice noodles with bright sauces and vegetables, green, yellow, or red curry.

A separate topic is durian. The aroma of this fruit is unusual: to some, it resembles the smell of stale meat or sweat. Think back to the first time you ate olives or cheese with mold — it may have taken you a while to taste them, too. The taste of durian is somewhat similar to strawberries and nuts, but brighter and juicier. It is better to eat the fruit with a spoon so that the smell does not remain on your hands. If the aroma of durian still deters you, pay attention to other fruits — rambutan and mangosteen.

  1. Feel all the colors of the tropics

In Thailand, you can find islands of untouched nature and man-made oases. For example, Ao Phang Nga, where they shot the ninth bond film — “The Man with the Golden Gun”. This is a national park that includes more than a hundred tropical islands, beaches, caves, and giant rocks with islands of exotic plants.

And if you want to see what masterpieces can be created from tropical plants by talented landscape designers, visit Mae Fah Luang Garden. This is an original and bright botanical garden with original floral landscapes against the backdrop of mountains.

  1. Ride the wave

When you swim in the ocean just like that, you can master one of the types of water sports. Windsurfing, diving, and water skiing are very popular in Thailand. The Gulf of Thailand is more suitable for beginners and amateurs because there are almost no high waves here. Experienced extreme athletes choose the Andaman Sea. Surfers usually go to Phuket, windsurfers — to Krabi, kiters-to Pattaya. The best time for water sports is from April to October.

Another interesting leisure activity is SUP yoga. Asanas and stands should be done directly on the boards on the water. It is possible that at first, you will constantly fall into the water, but with practice, everything will work out. Since you need to constantly maintain balance, SUP yoga helps to work out all the muscles in the body.

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