5 Reasons Why Cannabis Is the Perfect Business Opportunity in America

Where were you when cannabis became legal for recreational use in your state? It’s been nearly a decade since the first states legalized recreational marijuana, and the cannabis industry has grown tremendously in that time.

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast with a mind for business, launching a cannabusiness makes perfect sense. Continue reading to see why now is the right time to get into the cannabis industry.

  1. More and more states are legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

As of right now, there are 19 states in the U.S. (and the District of Columbia) that have legalized marijuana for recreational use with Virginia being the most recent one. Indeed, federal law prohibits marijuana use, but there’s much optimism that the current presidential administration will be the one to legalize cannabis at the federal level. Furthermore, you can also expect more states to lift their ban on recreational marijuana as well.

As legality becomes less and less of an issue for the cannabis industry, you can expect it to grow. As of right now, it’s hard to find financial institutions that are willing to work with companies in cannabusiness, and the industry has still grown to be a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. Just imagine the boom that lies ahead when federal law finally permits marijuana use.

  1. There are health benefits to THC and CBD use.

The legalization of marijuana in states across the U.S. may be a relatively new phenomenon, but people have been using cannabis for thousands of years. The main reason that cannabis use has lasted as long as it has is that there are numerous purported health benefits.

One of the main health benefits about which medical marijuana users rave is pain relief. Even though the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t evaluated marijuana for medical purposes, there are plenty of doctors who prescribe it to chronic pain sufferers in lieu of harsh narcotics.

Aside from pain relief, doctors also frequently prescribe medical marijuana to people who suffer from epilepsy and are prone to epileptic seizures. There’s even reason to believe that marijuana is effective against anxiety and depression. Furthermore, if you want the benefits of medical marijuana without the high, you can use CBD as a substituteת as it has many of the same benefits as THC, minus the high. American Marijuana‘s online platform is the perfect place to learn more about the health benefits of THC and CBD.

  1. Marijuana use is more popular than ever in the U.S.

If you haven’t noticed, marijuana use is not nearly as taboo as it once was. All over the United States, people have softened their stance against cannabis, and its popularity is growing along with the number of U.S. states where recreational cannabis is legal. Indeed, cannabis isn’t merely a crop—it’s also a culture.

  1. There are plenty of THC products for non-smokers.

There are plenty of people who are curious about the benefits of THC, but they’re held at bay by their aversion to smoking. The good news is that there are plenty of ways for non-smokers to enjoy THC. Many dispensaries in legal states sell edibles with different THC levels, which not only prevents you from having to smoke but also gives you control of your THC intake.

  1. The cannabis industry should grow dramatically in the coming years.

The most exciting reason to get into the cannabis industry is revenue growth. With the growing popularity of recreational marijuana and the fact that it’s becoming increasingly legal in the U.S., this is an industry you can expect to experience seismic growth over the next few years. Furthermore, if and when the federal government legalizes recreational cannabis, the industry will be open to interstate commerce, greatly increasing your ability to form partnerships and expand your customer base.

Cannabis has quickly become one of the cash crops in the United States, and it’s still not legal for recreational use in most states. Due to marijuana’s growing popularity, numerous health benefits, and the myriad of products for people from all walks of life, there’s no business like cannabusiness.

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