5 Reasons Why Man Should Grow Beard


Almost 55% of the Men in this world have facial hairs. These hairs are distinctive features present in adult males while absent in females. These hairs are present above the upper lip and around your jawline. The hairs below the nose are known as mustaches, while those covering your jawline are collectively called Beard.

Beard varies in size and color from man to man. The nature of Beard depends upon the region you are living in, genetics, and many more factors. In this article, we will discuss the main reasons or benefits of growing Beard.

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Beard starts growing when you reach puberty. It is due to the surge of male secondary sex hormone or testosterone at puberty. Its growth reaches the maximum level at the age of 18 years and then remains so till death. However, after 60, its growth is much decreased. Beard is considered the characteristic feature of males. Some of the males do not consider it much attractive, so shave it off regularly.

Factors affecting nature of Beard:

Almost every man has his characteristic nature of Beard. It depends upon a lot of factors. Some of these factors are explained below:

  • Region:

People of different areas have different natures of Beard. But people of the same region have similar nature to Beard. E.g., Europeans have almost similar nature to Beard, which does not resemble the nature of Asians.

  • Genes:

Genetics plays a vital role in the development of Beard. A person whose father has a dense black chin beard will have an almost identical nature to Beard. Similarly, siblings also have resembling Beard.

  • Diet:

Diet also plays a vital role in the development of Beard. A healthy diet will grow a deep, deep Beard in a short period, while a starved person will not develop a proper beard.

  • Other factors:

Other factors include stress, hormone level, etc. Stress plays an important role. An always stressed person does not attain a heavy beard.

Reasons Why Man Should Grow Beard:

There are a lot of pros of growing a Beard. More than half the population of men have Beard. There are a lot of reasons behind it. We have explained these reasons in the following:

  • Protection against Ultraviolet Rays:

Beard blocks UV radiation coming from the sun to reach your skin. These radiations can cause severe skin issues like acne, rashes, etc. Thus Beard blocks these radiations from reaching your face, and thus you remain safe even in bright sunlight.

  • Give a Manly Look:

Beard is a characteristic feature of males. So it gives you a manly look. A person with a dense Beard is thought to be stronger than a person without it.

  • Curtains acne:

Beard covers any acne present on your face, especially near the jawline. Also, if you remove Beard, there are chances of the development of acne on your skin. So Beard protects you from acne.

  • Keeps you warm:

In winter, the Beard forms a cozy environment around your face and keeps it warm. Thus in winter, you will feel warmth if you have Beard.

  • Filters germs and allergens:

Beard is present around your mouth, and thus it filters and prevents various allergens and toxic substances from entering your mouth. So it acts as a natural filter around your mouth.

  • Protect from asthmatic attack:

As explained earlier, Beard prevents the entry of allergens into your mouth. Thus it saves an aesthetic patient from a spell of an acute attack.

  • Prevent the loss of water and thus keep you hydrated:

When you shave your Beard, sweat pores present on the surface of your skin get exposed. On a bright summer day, there is plenty of water loss through these pores, and thus it prevents such water loss from your body, and your body remains hydrated even in sweltering weather.

  • Increases Glamour:

Beard increases charm and glamour in your personality and gives you a more attractive look. Thus the majority of men prefer growing Beard.

Ending Lines:

Beard is a sign of manliness. It is a feature that differentiates men from women. It has many benefits like protecting your skin from ultraviolet radiation from the sun, a bacterial infection causing acne, and various throat infections. Also, it increases your charm and attractiveness. Beard also prevents excessive water loss from your skin.

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