Zendaya is a great role model for teenagers, mothers, and fashion-obsessed young adults looking to inspire confidence. Zendaya’s Age was 22 when she became the star of HBO’s Euphoria, and with the newest Spider-Man movies, she has quickly risen to the top of stardom.

Zendaya is a triple threat entertainer and a role model for her fans. Her support for charities and campaigns that provide food, school supplies, and medical treatment to underprivileged and underprivileged communities is what makes her so well-known.

Here are five reasons we think Zendaya is a great celebrity role model:

  1. She Encourages Body Positivity

The magazine Modeliste tried to photoshop Zendaya’s photos without her consent in 2015. She was shocked at how much they had changed her body and commented on her Instagram that these are the things women do that make them self-conscious, that create unrealistic expectations of beauty.

Everyone who knows me knows her and that she believes in honest and pure self-love. So, she decided to let the real pic out. She is an inspiration and comfort source for young girls with body image problems, and we love it.

  1. She Believes In Strong Family Bonds

Zendaya spoke out about her family in a TIME interview. She said, “As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that my true models are my parent. My mom is a strong woman. My dad is strong. My big sister is a role model, and I am grateful for her influence on me.”

She also said that having such a large, and grounded family made it easy for her to realize how important having a family really is in life. Her humble demeanor, upstanding character, and caring nature are all attributes of her parents. It’s refreshing to see someone so close to her family.

  1. She Is Very Vocal About Social Justice Issues

Zendaya is one of the celebrities who don’t mind using their platforms to discuss social justice issues. Zendaya actively supports the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for women’s equality. Zendaya offers resources to her followers and fans so they can be educated and make informed decisions.

  1. She Does A Lot Of Charity Work

Some sources report that Zendaya spent her 18th Birthday raising money for charity feedONE, to feed at least 150 children in Haiti and Tanzania. Zendaya has supported Convoy of Hope for many years. This is a bigger charity than umbrellas feedONE.

Zendaya says that too many children will return to school hungry this year. However, we can make a difference. My generation has the potential to make a difference in the world. You can learn more about her life at Wiki Staar.

  1. She Stands Up To Bullies

Zendaya used the opportunity to spread positivity after Giuliana Rancic, Fashion Police’s critic of Zendaya’s gorgeous dreadlock hairstyle, took it down.

Zendaya said on social media that instead of pointing fingers at Giuliana Rancic, Zendaya wanted to convey to all hair types that their hair is beautiful the way it is. Incredible, right?

Last words

Since her days on Disney’s Shake It Up, Zendaya has been an influencer for young girls. Zendaya inspires fans to be their best, whether it’s through her hilarious social media posts or her acting in movies. These are the best things about Zendaya, which make her truly unique.

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