Mesmerizing landscape, stunning countryside, historical wonders, fashion, art, beauty, culinary-the enchanting country of Italy has it all!

No doubt why so many people itch for shifting to Italy!

If you’re someone who is on the same boat is planning to move to Italy and start a new life- smart move indeed!

Certainly, you need a job too to finance your stay in the beautiful country.

Though for foreign ex-pats it may be a bit difficult to land a job initially, but worry not, we’re here!

In this write-up, we’ve laid down the top 5 suggestions to help you find a job in Italy 2021 without little to no hassle.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight in… 

Top 5 suggestions to find the best job in Italy 2021

  1. What are the most highly valued and sought-after jobs in Italy?

The Italian job market is always in search of skilled workers! And if you have a good knowledge of the Italian and English language, you’re already leading the game.

Marketing jobs in Italy offer good pay and if you’ve prior experience in the same, it will be an added advantage.

Currently, areas like digital marketing, sales, mathematics, and computing are in great demand and also come with attractive packages. It is one of the highest paying jobs in Italy.

If you’re in the health care sector, you can easily find a job as a nurse, doctor, and even physiotherapist, provided you have the required qualifications.

There is also a good demand for qualified factory workers in the mechanic industry.

We all know, Italy is known for its tourism, meaning there is also a good demand for personnel in the hotel management industry with good pay and extra tips.

If you’re good at English speaking, Italy has a healthy demand for teachers, interpreters, and private tutors.

  1. Where to find the best highest paying jobs in Italy?

The global pandemic certainly had a major impact on the eighth biggest economy of the world.

Nonetheless, when you’re struggling to find a job in Italy in 2021, you must first be aware of the significant wealth contrast between Northern and Southern Italy.

For instance, if you’re planning to work in fashion, marketing, IT, and similar types of industry, the northern Italy is probably the best.

Its way more industrialized and developed. Cities like Milan, Genoa, and Turin are quite famous for their work culture.

If you’re mostly into tourism, public administration, or any university-related work, Rome and Florence is the best place to land a job.

  1. Who can guide you to find the best job for you in Italy?

With digital media becoming the new norm, finding jobs in Italy had never been easier.

  • Social media platforms (LinkedIn, Indeed Italia, Trovalavoro, Bakesa, Kijiji, and many more).
  • Supply agencies (agenizeinterinali) can also help you land a temporary job, particularly in the tourism, manufacturing, and food industry.
  • Public job centers (Centroper l’impiego) can help you get a better understanding of the various opportunities in the city.
  • Family and friends can help you and recommendyou to find a job in Italy in 2021.  
  1. Is it mandatory to speak Italian to work in Italy?

Yes! Without speaking Italian, it will be hard and challenging to find the highest paying jobs in Italy.

But there is always another way!

If you’re from an English speaking country or are fluent in English, search for multinational companies or startups, where English is the spoken language.

In such scenarios, LinkedIn can be of great help!

Here are a fewphrases that can be of great help in the Italian workplace:

  • How long have you been working here? = Da quanto tempo lavori qui?
  • When’s the deadline? = Quando è la data di consegna?
  • Could you send me an email? = Mi puoi inviare una email?
  • Shall we go for coffee? = Andiamo a prendere un caffè?
  1. Is it possible to work in Italy without a job permit?

First and foremost, we must say never visit Italy illegally. Why? Because you won’t be able to reveal your papers and it will eventually land you on a job with a cash-in-hand contract with less pay and obviously, the fear of getting caught.

In short, we don’t recommend working in Italy without a work permit.


To find a job in Italy 2021 as a foreigner or an ex-pat is challenging but not impossible.

With a better knowledge of the working conditions and the resources to tap into, finding a job won’t be an issue.

Take full advantage of this write-up and find the best job suiting your skills and requirements!

Hope you find this article helpful! Thanks for reading!!

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