5 things to avoid for great dental health

Maintaining good teeth health is extremely important for your overall health. No matter how old you are, you can become a victim of severe tooth decay and develop cavities. Your diet plays a very important role in determining the health of your teeth. Tooth decay happens when the plaque in your teeth combines with bacteria and feeds on the sugar that you put into your mouth.

Here is a list of foods to stay away from if you want to avoid tooth decay:

  • Sweets and Candies:

Have you seen those colorful gummy bears and rainbow candies that you often end up chewing for hours? Well, they’re absolutely disastrous for you. Desserts and candy have a very high sugar content that lead to irreversible tooth decay in the long run. Eating sweets occasionally once or twice a month is fine. And always have them along with meals. Also, brush your teeth after.

  • Soft drinks and colas:

There are so many harmful effects of cola on your body, but did you know that consuming a lot of soft drinks severely affects your teeth too? As a thumb rule, completely eliminate soft drinks from your diet. Drink water and sugar free fruit juices that you can make at home instead. You will automatically see your teeth and health improve!

  • Pickle:

Ahh, we Indians love our aachar! In fact, we can’t imagine enjoying a good paratha or curd rice without pickle. However, this tasty accompaniment has lots of vinegar who’s acidic properties can lead to erosion of enamel and tooth decay.

  • Indian snacks and fried foods:

India is a haven for fried snacks and there is no denying that they are extremely tasty. But they are also high in refined carbohydrates which can lead to teeth decay. They also lead to inflammation in the teeth and other dental problems.

  • Alcohol:

Consuming alcohol leads to your mouth becoming very tired, which is why you probably remember drinking a lot of water after getting drunk. Saliva is very important for your dental health. It washes down food particles to the gut and prevents accumulation of food in the mouth. Drink plenty of water and limit alcohol consumption!

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Avoid these foods and enjoy great dental health!

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