With a longstanding history, dental implants are an impressive result of the ingenuity of the dental industry. Capable of permanently replacing broken, infected, or missing teeth and restoring the appearance and function of the smile!

With such a significant procedure comes a plethora of knowledge to learn. To better comprehend the utility of dental implants, let’s touch on some impressive facts that only dental professionals are typically familiar with.

A Deep-Rooted History

Dental Implants London have existed, in some shape or form, for millennia. It may be shocking to discover that some ancient cultures even practiced inserting bamboo stalks into their jawbone to repopulate a smile with missing teeth! Thankfully, the world has come a long way since, on behalf of technological advancement and the power of modern medicine, contemporary implants have been commonplace since the 1960’s.

The legacy of implants has undeniably enhanced the lives of millions since, posing as the superior alternative to bridges, crowns, and dentures. Their formidable material and method of insertion boast lifelong results, and if cared for properly, will seldom need replacement.

Implants Don’t Discriminate

It’s simple to conclude how dental implants became so associated with elderly patients. As we age, our body becomes less resilient, and our smiles are prone to more and more complications throughout the smile. After all, the wear and tear of life will eventually take its toll on the smile, especially if proper oral care habits and regular dental checkups aren’t routine parts of someone’s life.

While statistically, implants may be most common amongst the elderly, that’s only because the elderly are statistically more likely to require replacement teeth! Implants serve a universal purpose, applicable to any patient in need of a new tooth between the ages of 16 and 60 for whatever the culprit. Of course, the most crucial of factors dictating a patient’s eligibility is their overall oral and bodily health, and whether they’re capable of responsibly managing them once installed.

Kiss Cavities Goodbye

A major selling point of dental implants is their immunity to developing cavities and other forms of dangerous tooth decay. Implants are crowned with artificial teeth atop; consisting of a durable material which not only matches the colour and function of natural teeth but is completely resistant to decay!

Don’t get too carried away though! While the artificial tooth itself will never fall victim to decay, if the surrounding gum and tissue is neglected, the area lies vulnerable to developing serious infection. Which will inevitably spiral out of control far worse than the capabilities of a natural cavity and pose dire consequences! Conventional brushing and flossing habits are mandatory to ensure happy and healthy implants, and to maintain the integrity of your smile’s natural assets. Pair that with making sure you keep your appointments with a dental practitioner like the trustworthy dentist in Oxnard and you should be able to maintain your implants.

A Material That’s No Joke

Dental implants gain their permanence from the titanium material which constitutes the post. This metal is blessed with a lightweight composition, is resistant to corrosion, and boasts a durability unlike any other- even edging out steel!

In fact, titanium is such a reliable substance, that NASA frequently utilizes it in crafting its rockets and space shuttles! If this metal can withstand intergalactic travel, it will have no trouble fitting in alongside the teeth and gums, and reinforcing the structure of the smile for a lifetime.

Doesn’t Change a Thing 

Another commonly looked over factor is the ability for implant patients to continue their eating habits virtually unchanged. The implants pose a durability parallel to none; meaning any food, ranging in texture from crunchy to soft, will result in zero complications when reasonably biting, chewing, and grinding.

In fact, most reports indicate that patients retain approximately 90% of their chewing abilities with implants, as opposed to a mere 20% with smiles using dentures as an alternative. If you are considering dental implants talk to a dental professional at Sublime Dentistry for more details of the procedure. 

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