5 Things You Must Do Before Moving To Your New House

Moving into a new home is a great accomplishment for many; so, congratulations! Even if it’s just a few blocks away, moving to a new place can be a great change in scenery, new inspiration for creativity, and more opportunities to make new connections. But there are a few things you must do before you even move in. 

  1. Update Your Address

To sell your house means that you’ll have to let go of the old address and get the new one updated on all official documents since it’s connected to so many utilities and services you acquire daily, such as mail, subscriptions, bank statements, credit/debit cards, insurance, bills, etc. 

It is best for you to update your new address right to all the necessary utilities before you move so that you don’t have to keep going back and forth between your new and old homes. 

  1. Transfer All Your Utilities

For a minute, imagine you’ve moved to a new home. You’re all pumped, but you quickly realize that you might have to stay the first night in this house with no water or electricity because you forgot to transfer utilities beforehand—now that would be a problem. 

To comfortably move in, hire professionals like CBDmovers for packing your necessary stuff and properly transfer all your utilities, to the new address before you arrive. This will also help keep in check if you’ve cleared your dues and updated your address at the same time.

  1. Know Where The Breaker Box, Fuse Box & Shut Off Valves Are

If you’re facing a natural disaster, such as flooding or a storm, you would need to quickly shut off the breaker box to avoid any fatal injuries. During these times, or perhaps when you’re suffering from roof damage or leaks, you would need to shut off the plumbing system too. Knowing where the water valve is and how the plumbing system works around the house movers would come in handy. During natural calamities, shutting off the fuse box is the priority. You shouldn’t need to scramble around at testing ties like these. Hence, make sure to know where the fuse box is on the day you move in.  

Evidently, an emergency would be the worst time to figure out where all of these are! So, take some time to familiarize yourself with the location of all critical values and circuits.

  1. Change Your Locks Or Re-Key Them

You’ve probably made duplicates of keys to your old house, right? Think of the people who’ve lived in your current home and how they could’ve done the same! Even if you are aware of the old owner, their key copies might be in the wrong hands, putting your safety at risk. 

It is a good practice to change the locks or re-key them before entering your new home to bring you some peace of mind. 

  1. Get a Home Warranty Plan

The seller or realtor handling the deal would often supply you with a home warranty or insurance as promised, as it is one of the first things people look for when buying a property. However, if you didn’t receive or weren’t promised one as part of the deal, you must purchase one before moving into your new home. 

A home warranty acts as a safety net if you find the need for minor refurbishment or repair around the house upon a final inspection. Often, a warranty plan also covers major home appliance purchases that you make for your home, such as dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, etc. You can check Furniture Shipping Companies if you want to get the best service or need help with shipping.

Moving into a new home and locality can be overwhelming. But planning and doing a final walkthrough even before you move in can help, giving you time to mingle around with people and enjoying instead of running around to set up the new home. 

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