Los Angeles is a diverse and active city full of different cultures and nationalities. If you decide to live in LA, you first need to find an apartment or house and adapt to the city’s lifestyle, weather, habits, etc.  

As every city has its characteristics and things typical only there, it will be easier to move if you have some information about this city beforehand and know the primary important things before moving which will help you organize your daily life easier and feel like a local. 

This article will discuss five main things you need to know before moving to LA. 

What to consider before moving to LA

LA is a huge city with a specific lifestyle, so that the changes will be more than noticeable. Roughly plan what you will do for the first few days after moving and solve the issues. 

As every city has its advantages and disadvantages, LA is not an exception, so here are some main facts that will help you get prepared to earn your livelihood in one of America’s largest cities.

  • The city is so big

Before moving to LA, consider that LA isa big city; it would be more accurate to say it’s huge. In the first period of living, use maps frequently to navigate the town and easily find the locations you need to go to. 

There are many shops, malls, restaurants, clinics, and other places you will need to go to, so get to know the locations beforehand through a map to find those places and orient them in the city without difficulties. 

Besides locations, the big city life is also different. It’s always crowded, the nightlife is so active, and there are many people with different nationalities. They have their habits and lifestyles, try to get adapted to the city and get involved in it. 

  • Organizing your lifestyle is beneficial 

When you decide to move to another country or city, you will consider several important points. 

First, find furnished rentals in LA, then try to find a job and do activities like going to the gym, joining a reading club, making new acquaintances, and other activities. 

Research shows that  the unemployment rate in Los Angeles is relatively low at about 7.90%. 

So in such a dynamic city like LA, you can’t sit at home or spend a whole day in entertainment places. 

Over time you will understand what lifestyle is most suitable for you. Then you will be more adapted to the lifestyle people have there and organize it appropriately to this city. 

For example, do you prefer active nightlife and different parties or a healthy lifestyle by planning it more productively? 

  • Renting a car is a good decision 

In Los Angeles, the most commonly used transportation is a personal car, and it has become a part of daily life. It’s convenient if you are working and can provide financial resources for renting a car. 

Overall, locals spend a lot of time in their cars as the city is huge, and there is always heavy traffic. 

Rent a car with a median price and choose a comfortable one that fits your budget and requirements because you will spend a big part of your day in the car. 

Getting a car in LA may be considered the vital point of daily life and making the livelihood more practical and adapted to the lifestyle of LA. 

  • Traffic is a real problem

As there is a large population in LA, and the main way of transportation is personal cars, there is always horrible traffic. 

But, on the other hand, getting around the city would be very difficult without cars. 

So, if you already have a car, first of all, follow maps and see the traffic condition before going to the desired destination, or try to avoid rush hour traffic whenever possible. 

The traffic is overloaded in rush hours from 7-10 am and 4-7 pm. 

Take into account the house’s location where you are planning to live. Being close to the office or university will save your time a lot, as you will not have to stay in traffic for hours. 

Another option to avoid traffic is to use public transport or walk. 

  • The weather is perfect 

You’ve probably heard about how fantastic LA’s weather is, and yes, that’s so good. It’s sunny for almost the whole year, rarely rainy at the end of spring and the first part of autumn. Never wait for super hot days, but you will spend a lot of time on the beach as there are many sunny days out there. 

Winter days are quite rainy but warm so that you can walk in the city without so many layers of clothes.

All in all, LA rarely has gray days, and it’s a sunny and comfortable temperature in general. They say some people move to LA for just its weather. 

By the way, if you decide to move to LA, you need to reconsider your wardrobe and cut out warm coats, hats, scarves, and knit sweaters. 


Thus, deciding to move and live in LA can be fun as it’s a very sunny and active city. 

But before moving, there are some essential things that everyone should be informed about to make life in LA easier and organized. Knowing those points beforehand can help one adapt to the changes and a lifestyle with fewer difficulties. 

After managing the mentioned points in this article, you will only enjoy your life in the sunny city of angels.  

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