Choosing the wedding dress may be one of the complex tasks you have to do at your wedding until you start thinking about what you and your bridesmaids would love for them to wear. There are many choices when it comes to styles and colors. 

The spouses-to-be may sometimes make choices according to what they’re wearing. But there are ways to make preparations easier and still get your bridesmaids dressed to perfection. Read on the following: 

  • Go For Mismatching Dresses 

Bridesmaids traditionally wore matching dresses, but nowadays, girls can wear styles that complement them better. But donning mismatching dresses for your squad can be tricky, and people might not get the idea which girls stand by your side at the altar. Luckily, there are three ways to pull off mismatching dresses and still look well-put-together in a wedding. 

  • Same dress style, but with different colors 
  • Different dresses, but with the same color 
  • Dresses of the same length but in the same color family (pink, rose, fuchsia) 

While the dresses can be any of these styles, one of the best ways to tie them all together is to give them bridesmaids’ bouquets. When picking your bridemaids bouquets, choose simple ones in matching, neutral colors.   

  • Sharing Dress Details 

If you’ve already picked your wedding dress, note the detailing and factor when choosing designs for bridesmaids’ dresses. For example, if your wedding dress is colored, you may want colored dresses to compliment yours. If your dress is made with lace, your bridesmaid’s dresses should have a bit of lace detailing. Getting an ensemble two-piece with a lace top is also a way for them to complement your dress without having to be matched.   

If you’re also running a theme for your wedding, it doesn’t hurt to coordinate your bridesmaids’ dresses with interesting table trends and florals. A good example is wearing beach-inspired dresses with the colors of seas glass and using seashells and colored rocks as table décor for a beach wedding.  

  • Try Sparkly Without Being Flashy 

The traditional dresses tend to be light-colored and have subtle designs so that they won’t snatch attention from the bride. But who says your bridesmaids have to follow that? If you want to be different because you’re tired of seeing understated dresses, or you find the usual a bit bland for your taste, there’s a way to add some glam to bridesmaid dresses without appearing too heavy.  

They can choose dresses with sequins, studs, beadwork, and metallic elements. But you have to remember to maintain simple dress shapes with demure necklines. They’ll look stunning, especially if the reception pushes late through the day. Your ladies won’t even have to worry about wearing jewelry at this point.   

  • Don’t Forget To Factor The Season 

When you’re planning a wedding, you’ll best remember the date and the season it’s in because of the kind of dresses you and the bridesmaids will be wearing. Certain elements would go perfectly for warm and cold weather. Some shades go for spring, summer, fall, and winter if you’re leaning towards colors per season.   

Spring dresses in shades of lilac, shoulder ties, and low backs give a flirty and sweet feel. Avoid dresses in heavy material if the wedding is at the height of summer. Pinks, pale blues, and greys are great for fall with lace necklines or off shoulders. Emerald green and midnight blue are winter hues that your girls might want to try in the winter. A bit of glitter looks darling as well. And since it’s cold, how about a fur shrug to keep shoulders and arm warm? 

  • Dress For Their Body Types 

Here’s an absolute fact: the dress is designed for bodies and not the other way around. Women are more confident wearing dresses that complement their body types. It may be tempting to go for matching dresses, but allowing your bridesmaids the option to pick dresses that fit them perfectly will make them trust you even more.   

Petite bodies look great in straps that help lengthen the look for the torso. Strapless also looks feminine on small frames. Bridesmaids with broad shoulders may want to try cuts to increase the neck and emphasize the waist instead.   

If you have busty bridesmaids, the design will depend on whether they feel confident about the feature or would instead like to look subtle. Off-shoulder dresses will draw attention away from the bust. On the other hand, a V-neckline dress will help them appear shapely and gorgeous.   

In Conclusion

Styling your bridesmaids with dresses doesn’t have to be frustrating. While it is your wedding, you must also understand considerations. It’s essential that your bridesmaids are also happy with what they’ll wear to your wedding. You’ll find that reaching a compromise is necessary to a successful wedding.    

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