5 Tips Promote Your YouTube Videos With Google AdWords

Using Google Ads to promote your YouTube videos is a decent option if you have the budget for it. Using Google ads lends you more power over customisation to optimize the ad campaign and provide better performance.

It will help you get more viewers and subscribers who will be genuinely interested in your videos rather than services where you buy YouTube subscribers. These tips will help you optimize your ad campaign and get more YouTube videos views and subscribers, making them the most liked videos on YouTube.

Target Audience Based on Location, Age, Gender

So, whenever you are looking to create an ad for your YouTube videos, ensure that you are targeting potential viewers optimally. You do not want to pay for the ad to run in countries or places that you probably aren’t going to get any viewers or clients from. So, before you sit down to create an ad campaign on Google ads for promoting your YouTube video do a good amount of research about your viewers and subscribers. 

Try to find out which are the locations that contribute the most to the views of your videos. So, where can you do this research?

Well, you have to go to the audience tab of your YouTube analytics. In this tab, you will learn statistics about your viewers. You will find out which country is providing you with the most number of views. You will also learn about the age group that your viewers fall in and their genders as well. These are quite crucial to optimizing the ad campaign for your videos and you can also YouTube Abonnenten kaufen. You want to target these locations, age groups and genders. 

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Keep in mind, running your ad in certain countries may cost more money. So, there is a trade-off in some cases if the bulk of your viewers are from countries that cost more. While making your ad, target the ad to the locations you found out along with the age group and gender. This will give you optimal results.

Best Devices To Show Your Ads

Once you have researched your target audience and have targeted your ads to them, it is time to figure out which devices your ads should run on. This is very important as it not only determines how well your ad would perform but it also has a huge effect on the cost of your ad campaign. When you start designing your ad campaign on Google Ads, you will come across a section that will ask you to select the specific device on which you want your ad to run. There are four main options Viz. Mobile phones, tablets, computers and TV screens. 

By default, all the options will be selected. Now, a lot of people might want to run their ads on as many devices as possible to get a lot of results but it does not work like that. If you want more YouTube video views at an optimal cost you will want to target devices that the bulk of your viewers and subscribers use. For example, how many people do you think actually watch YouTube on a TV screen and how many of those people watch your video. 

So, be smart about your choices. Even if you have a huge budget you need to use it optimally for the best results. In most cases, just targeting mobile phone users is good enough and cheap as well. But of course, if your research shows that a lot of your viewers use other devices then you can target them as well if you have the budget.

Target Specific Channels 

Let’s try to understand this tip with an example that you may have encountered while browsing YouTube. Let’s say you are looking for tutorials to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel. You find a suitable video and click on it. But before the video starts there is an ad which is promoting a channel that makes content about social media marketing on YouTube. If the ad is relevant and interesting wouldn’t you want to click on it because you are looking for something similar? 

This is something you can achieve by targeting channels to your competitors and channels which upload content similar to yours. You can do this by targeting YouTube channels under the placement section when you are creating the ad campaign using Google ads. But to get the most out of this you need to do some research to narrow down on a list of channels that will be best for your ad. 

For example, if you make content on how to make passive income or content on should you buy YouTube subscribers then it will be good to tag channels that talk about YouTube growth and promotion. You can also find out what channels your subscribers and viewers watch and target them as well. 

The gist of the tip is that research and find out relevant channels to run your ad on and then put these channels in the placement section while creating the ad campaign.

Use Relevant Strategy

This is a tip that is straight out of the YouTube creator academy. Visit creatoracademy.youtube.com for more tips on how to optimize ads for YouTube and other tips to grow on the platform. Whenever you are creating an ad campaign you should have a set goal in mind. This will not only help you to evaluate the performance of the ad but also help you optimize your campaign to give you the result you need. 

Let’s look at some of the goals that you may have from your ad campaign. You may be looking for new viewers or you may be looking for new subscribers. You may want to sell some merchandise, promote a launch or increase the global reach. 

For each of these goals, there are relevant ad strategies that you can follow to optimize the performance of your ad campaign. For example, if you already get a good number of views but you want to get more subscribers you can try the remarketing strategy. 

Under this strategy, your ad will be shown mostly to people who are interested in your content but are not subscribed to you. This increases the chance of getting more subscribers as these users might want to subscribe to you after seeing the ad rather than showing the ad to people who haven’t seen your videos.

Know The Metrics to Measure Ad Performance

Last but not least, you need to constantly monitor the performance of your ad campaign. This is very crucial as you will not only learn a lot to do it efficiently the next time but also tweak your ads mid-way to ensure a better performance. For this, you have to go to the ad analytics section of Google AdWords. 

Here, you will find many metrics but the important ones will be views, view rate, engagement, watch time and percentage view rate until 75%. Keep an eye on these metrics as they are the main ones to gauge the performance of the ad.

In the end, we would suggest you create great content for your channel. This is because even if you pump hundreds of dollars into your campaign if your videos aren’t good your channel will not grow. You can buy YouTube subscribers but to get more YouTube video views you need to have entertaining and good quality content. We wish you all the best.

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