5 Tips to Avoid Getting Caught Watching Cam Girls Websites

Have you been caught watching cam sex? If not, you surely want to keep it that way forever!

Privacy is something that many people take for granted. The luxury of having the peace of mind to be able to simply watch whatever you whenever you want, is something that many people would love to have.

But the reality for many of us is that we must be very careful when the urge to watch camgirls sites comes along. No matter what the reason, whether you’re at work, you share a computer with your parents or roommates, or maybe you have a snooping significant other, keeping your private business, private, is the goal. Let’s go over 5 ways in which a person can help cover their tracks when it comes to keeping their online sex life private.

Tip #1 – Always use incognito mode when using camgirls sites

If you’re watching live private porn, that means you’re using either your phone, laptop, or desktop computer to get the job done. And no matter what browser you use on your device, whether it’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari, you should always open up a private browsing mode. Depending on which browser you use, this will either be called private tab, or incognito mode. When you use the incognito mode, your device won’t save your search history.

To cover your tracks even further in order to not get caught, you could install a separate browser, used only for when you watch porn. This way you can keep things organized and there is much less risk of any history being leftover for someone to find. For example, if you use Internet Explorer for work tasks, download Firefox for example, and use it only for your secret sexy musings.

Tip #2 – Always clear your browser history

For the moments that you might forget to use incognito mode, you should definitely be sure to go back and clear your browsing history. You might be thinking that this is an unnecessary step, but things sometimes happen unexpectedly, as someone sends you a nude photo or video when you’re not expecting it, or maybe you just make a mistake and forget to go incognito while watching Cam Girls Websites. It’s just always better to be safe and sorry.

Tip #3 – Stream live porn instead of downloading it to your device

Many people, men, and women alike, might be tempted to download their favorite porn videos or games to their devices like laptops or phones, to avoid having the search for their favorite professional porn celebrity each time they’re in the mood. But this is not a safe thing to do if you want to keep your online activity secret. The solution here is to use camgirls sites instead.

The live streaming cam sex will almost certainly be better quality than traditional pre-recorded porn, and the best part is, there are no bread crumbs left behind like there are with downloading content. All of your activity can be cleared easily and no one will ever find out. Especially if you follow the previous advice and use a private window or go incognito. Sure, having an already downloaded video on your device might be only slightly easier, but it is definitely also riskier.

Tip #4 – Have another window ready at all times

This tip could really save you from an embarrassing experience. While watching cam girls websites, you should always be sure to keep another, totally innocent tap or window open in your browser. This way, if someone waltzes into your room or office unexpectedly, you can quickly hide the sexy video. Just be sure that if you’re watching on a laptop or desktop, to make your porn window, slightly smaller than your cover-up window. Otherwise, quickly switching windows will only cover a portion of the porn, and whoever it was that barged in on you, will discover your secret.

Tip #5 – Be aware of your surroundings

This one is the simplest but also the most important. Simply being on high alert about who in the office or at home with you, is very important. Don’t put in headphones with the volume on high, as you want to be able to hear someone approaching. And always beware of any reflective surfaces behind your device screen, as it can be pretty obvious to people what you are watching if a sex cam site live video is being reflected against your office window for all to see. Just be sure to take common-sense steps to protect your privacy and enjoy.

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