What do you get the man who has everything, and goes everywhere? What do you get the man who nurtures and provides for his family?

If your father is a frequent traveler, why not get him something to make his next trip easier?

You don’t have to traverse the world to find good gift ideas for the father on the move.

Here are 5 traveling dad gifts that will make his next trip more comfortable.

1. Personalized Luggage Tags

Many companies offer personalized luggage tags. You could get your dad’s initials or name engraved on a set of luggage tags.

Depending on your dad’s taste, you could choose a material like aluminum or leather for his personalized luggage tag.

2. Portable Camera Case

Whether your dad needs a mode of transportation for his future sightseeing tours or he likes to learn about different places on his travels, buying a travel camera case can be the perfect gift. These cases have many features that make them not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, including compartments and mirror lenses that take hectic traveling to new levels of comfortability.

With this camera case, and other items in this list of dad-friendly gifts, your father is traveling in style during his upcoming getaway. The camera case features a Velcro opening to make it easy to take pictures on the go.

3. Protective phone case

If your dad travels frequently, consider giving him a wallet case as a gift. People who are on the go often want to protect their phones, and a phone case is a perfect solution. With a phone case, the person can show off their love and appreciation for travel in addition to protecting their phones! People who love traveling are always on the go and require constant communication. They must have a durable, stylish mobile phone case that protects their screen from being damaged.

4. Multi-Time Zone Watch

If your dad travels frequently across multiple time zones, a watch that keeps track of time in multiple time zones is the perfect gift. There are tons of styles available, and both analog and digital versions exist.

These come in both retro and modern styles.

There are even high-end watches in this category, such as the Rolex GMT Master II. Of course, if that’s out of your price range there are much more affordable options out there.

5. Diaper Bag Backpack

Baby gear may not sound like a good travel gift, but with more and more dads becoming involved in child care, it makes sense to get something that dad can take with him. A stylish, functional diaper bag is the perfect gift for the dad with little ones.

Look for a diaper bag that is rugged and will hold up over time. It should also be convenient to carry around, like this diaper bag backpack for dad.

6. Gift Cards

If you know how your dad likes to travel and where he likes to stay, gift cards can be great ideas.

Amtrak as well as dozens of airlines offer gift cards in various denominations. So do Airbnb and many hotels.

If you’re not sure what airline or hotel your dad will want to stay at, considering getting him a gift card for an “all-in-one” site that offers lots of lodging options and vacation packages. One example is Hotels.com. They offer gift cards with no expiration dates or fees.

7. TSA PreCheck

If your dad is a frequent flier, consider registering him for TSA PreCheck. PreCheck is a great way of avoiding long security lines at the airport. TSA PreCheck will save your dad the trouble of removing his shoes, belts, and jacket, as well as removing his laptop from its bag.

PreCheck costs $85, but it’s good for 5 years. Registering starts online and continues with an in-person appointment that consists of an interview, fingerprinting, and background check.

Pick Up These Traveling Dad Gifts

These traveling dad gifts are perfect for the occasional traveler, frequent domestic traveler, or regular international long hauler. Anything that can make your dad’s traveling easier and more pleasant is a great gift idea.

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