8 Essential Things To Look Out For A While Choosing The Right Online Casino

Slot machine games have withstood the test of time and we have all the proof necessary to back this up. Early renditions have been around since the late 19th century. We always tend to look at history in order to learn from our experiences and do better in the future, but it’s also fun to guess and determine what could happen.

This is what we’re going to do today. We’ll explore 5 slots trends that are expected to impact the future of casino slots. See which ones you hope will happen and which ones you wish will not. 

Gambling in Canada

Slot games are one of the most popular games in land-based and online casinos, and it’s no exception here in Canada. In fact, anyone over the ages of 18 or 19, depending on the province.

Slot games are similar to Blackjack for most people, as slots and card games rely a lot on luck and risk. Just ask our expert, Kevin N. Cochran, our casino expert that has a ton of experiences you can view.

What do casino slots look like in the future in Canada and the world? Let’s find out.

Top 5 Trends for Casino Slots

1. Higher Definition and More Effects

This first category is what we hope to see in the best online casino Canada. Going bigger and better is always what developers are striving to do, and this goes for computer games and video games as well.

We believe the future will present better graphics, smoother gameplay and much more enticing mechanics. We hope that developers and providers will work together to come up with even more themes than what’s available out there and the machines will be much higher tech and higher definition.

Basically, we project that slots will give us more, bigger, better and more impressive effects. 

2. VR-Based Online Slots

One of the effects we really hope to experience is VR – virtual reality. Yes, it already exists, but VR for slots is still not commonly seen. Since many countries put an age restriction on who can gamble in land-based casinos, VR is a great solution to the problem.

Because the restrictions for online casinos seem to be more relaxed, even the younger generation can feel what it’s like to set foot inside these establishments. It will give all of us an interactive experience like never before, without ever having to leave the comfort of our homes. 

3. Virtual Live Slot Competitions 

Expanding on our VR point above, virtual live slot competitions where players face-off against each other in increasingly advanced slot games is also a very inviting notion. You can check on the page for the best games.

Not only will this give players a chance to connect with each other, but it will also bring together the slot-loving community and create a very fun atmosphere. No matter where the players are, they can enjoy their favorite slot games with like-minded individuals. 

4. Digitally Linked Apps and Slot Machines

Want to play slots in Vegas and not pay for the flight and accommodations? Perhaps we will see digitally linked in-person slots and the apps within your phone. This way, you can control the slot machines from anywhere.

Going fully digital doesn’t need to come at the expense of real slot machines – even though they are on the decline. It’s important to preserve the machines that brought us to this stage in online slot gambling. 

5. More Smartphone Versions

This may already be ubiquitous, but some slots are only available in person or on a desktop. We hope to see developers making a point to integrate their fun ideas and systems into smartphones with mobile versions of their greatest hits. Mobile Blackjack, Baccarat, craps and other popular casino games you can find at hapagames.com

This way, players will be able to take their favorite games with them and play whenever they want. Imagine if VR was incorporated into smartphone software, and you can link with other players around the world or to real slot machines and participate in live competitions. Wouldn’t that just be icing on the cake? 

That will mean slot games will become smaller and more condensed versions of a whole full-sized casino. 


Hopefully, these are all things we will see in the future. In the meantime, we’d settle for VR integration first. What about you?

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