5 Types of Men's Hats for Any Occasion

Most people are only aware that men can wear a baseball cap if they want to add a hat to their outfit. It is not as common as it once was for men to wear hats on a daily basis. This is a shame because there are so many hats out there that can make even the most basic outfit much less boring!

If you have been wanting to add some hats to your closet, you might not be sure what kind of hats you should invest in. There are some tried-and-true favorites that will work for any occasion that should be at the top of your list of purchases. Adding some style and flair to any outfit is easy if you have the right hats to combine with your favorite clothing items.

If you are ready to learn some more about the types of men’s hats that can work for any occasion, you need to read on!

Types of Men’s Hats for Any Occasion

Hats don’t have to be paired with suits and you can wear any of these hats with any outfit that you want. There are no limits to how you enjoy the hat accessories that you have added to your closet and these hats will go perfectly with all of your favorite outfits of any style.

1.       Fedora

This is the most classic hat of them all and you can get this hat from most makes in every head shape and size that you might need. These hats are often made from soft and slightly flexible materials but they might also be made from straw or something a little more unique. A Fedora is a chic and stylish addition to any outfit and you will find that this hat is flattering to all face shapes as well.

This is not just a hat to pair with a suit either. Wear your fedora with jeans, or even shorts and a t-shirt if you want. A fedora will go with anything and is fit for any occasion.

2.       Longshoreman Cap

This is a cap style that is often seen on TV in dramas about days past, but it is a very unique and classy hat option that you can pair with any kind of outfit. This is a hat that is soft and durable and that packs well in a suitcase if you want to take some hats on a trip with you.

You will also find that this material will keep your head nice and warm, which is an added benefit. Some of these hats are sold with earflaps as well if you want to have a truly effective outdoor item for winter use. Any kind of tweed hat is always a fun statement and you will enjoy classic styling that can be added to any outfit with ease.

3.       Panama

This is often a light-colored hat that is cream or white or gray and it is usually made of very lightweight materials. This is a warm-weather hat but it can be worn year-round if you wish. Panama hats are sturdy and durable and they provide a comfortable shape for almost any size head.

If you have wanted to hear a fedora but felt like it was a cold-weather hat, this is the warm-weather option that you have been wanting to own. Panama hats are practical and also stylish and will add dimension to your favorite outfits in ways that other kinds of hats cannot.

4.       Bucket Hat

If you have a big head, you have probably all but given up on finding hats that will fit into your closet without giving you a headache when you wear them. The bucket hat is one of the best hat styles out there for practical comfort and it fits a large head size really readily.

Sometimes also referred to as a Boonie hat, this is a great hat style for anyone, but particularly for those that need larger hat sizes. Bucket hats are practical and can stand to get wet, can be packed in a suitcase, and offer a sense of fun and individuality that other hats can’t. There are many designer brands that make these as well if you want to find the most upscale version of this simple hat for your closet.

5.       Pork Pie

This hat has long been associated with artists and musicians, but you can certainly add it to your closet even if you are not working in either of these professions. This hat offers a sense of youth and hip fun to any outfit and it is actually a classic hat style that can be worn with a serious suit or with other outfits that you would wear to a nice dinner.

Pork Pie hats come in a wide range of sizes and are very comfortable due to the round shape and the short sides of the hat. This is a hat that will not pinch your head and that will be comfortable for all-day wear. For everyone who wants just a little touch of hipster class in their closet, this is the hat to choose!

Stylish Hats Can Change Everything About Your Wardrobe

If you have gotten tired of wearing boring clothing that does not speak to you or you are wanting to keep your head warm without just plopping a ball cap on it every time you go out, you need to pick up these hat styles. All of these hats will offer comfort and a fashionable statement with ease. There is no wrong way to wear any of these hats and you can select your favorites or just get them all!

Having fun hats in your closet to accessorize with is easy when you know which ones to pick. These hats will go with any outfit and they will fit most sizes of head with ease. Taking the guesswork out of buying hat styles makes it much more fun to get the right hat styles that you can use for any occasion that you wish.

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