5 Useful Beauty Product Organization Tips

Do you waste time every morning rummaging through your makeup drawer or bag? Do you always seem to lose your favorite lipstick or mascara?

If so, then you need to improve your product organization. But don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. So, keep reading to learn our five favorite tips to organize your beauty products. Check out Medik8 skincare products they can do best for your skin.

  1. Group and Categorize

First, go through all your drawers, cupboards, and bags. Take everything out and make a giant pile. Then sort and group everything by separate categories such as skincare, makeup, and brushes. Then, continue to categorize so you know exactly what you have.

  1. Organize and Declutter

If you have too many duplicates, you will see this immediately once you’ve grouped similar products together. Declutter any duplicates so you aren’t cluttering up your counters unnecessarily.

Also, be sure to remember that beauty products have an expiration date. Be sure you go through each of your products and toss anything that is too old.

Anything with SPF in it is required to have an expiration date on the label. Look for this date and be sure to toss it once it’s passed its expiration date.

Likewise, also be careful with products that go near your eyes. Mascara for example should only be used for three months after opening. This is because bacteria can grow on the wand and you don’t want to introduce bacteria to any opening such as your eyes.

  1. Use Small, Clear Containers for Product Organization

Everybody hates rummaging through cluttered drawers looking for their favorite lipglosses. When organizing your drawers and cupboards in the bathroom, use small clear containers to keep your products organized.

As a bonus, when you can see at a glance what you have you won’t overbuy new products and you’ll know when you’re running low on something.

  1. Know the Right Way to Store Your Skincare Products

It’s also important that you store your skincare products correctly. Skincare organization is more than just keeping moisturizers together and corraling all your lip colors.

When it comes to certain products, they must be stored at specific temperatures. Tools like this skincare beauty fridge will extend the shelf life of your products.

  1. Create Maintenance Systems

Organizing isn’t a one-time event, and the same is true with your make-up organization. You must create systems so that you can maintain your new beautiful space. Take the time to schedule when you’ll regularly declutter your outdated and duplicate supplies.

Don’t let yourself mindlessly buy new products unless you know you’re already out or close to running out. This will help to decrease the need to declutter duplicates and save money along the way.

Follow Organization Tips so Your Beauty Supplies Are Beautifully Stored

When it comes to your beauty product organization, these tips can keep your bathroom and makeup bags in tip-top shape. Take the time now to organize your beauty products and you’ll save not only time in the morning. You’ll also save money when you know what you already have.

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