5 Valued Skills That Java Developers in Demand Have

Java is one of the oldest programming languages that was created with a goal to be simpler and with greater uniformity than C/C++. Its first public implementation was Java 1.0 back in 1995. Today, it remains one of the most relevant programming languages, and the demand for Java developers is constantly high. CTOs and technical recruiters are looking to hire java developer profiles that will meet their project needs to the T, so differentiating between the java developers’ skills is of enormous importance.

Therefore, the java developer’s skillset can easily connect them with a CTO looking to hire. Of course, the skillset is different for every java developer out there, as it is based on many years of learning, studying, researching, and work experience. However, there are several most valued skills when it comes to java developers, and they can be considered the basic set for starting to work on a project. Having them is the stepping stone to get hired on projects with this high-demanding programming language. Let’s see the list.

1.   Java Knowledge

Indeed, a Java developer can’t be a java developer if they don’t know Java. Hence, advanced knowledge of Java is necessary. But, what does this mean? Being a Java developer means knowing how to build various types of software, including desktop and web applications, cloud systems, mobile apps, etc. The developer needs to know the Object-oriented programming principles and the relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB) to achieve this successfully. A huge plus is knowing how to write MySQL queries.

Next, knowledge of the popular version control systems like Git and BitBucket and how to work with an integrated development environment is a skill a Java developer must have developed cs代写. Finally, working with web frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, and JQuery also comes in handy.

2.   Basic Knowledge of Other Languages

Even if this comes as a bit ambiguous, it is still relevant. If the java developer has additional knowledge (even if it is basic) of the other programming languages and frameworks, they will be able to find solutions to arising issues faster and with more confidence. Also, recent research has shown that around 17% of companies are looking for developers who know both Java and SQL, while about 7% of the CTOs need developers who know both Java and JavaScript.

Going even further, since the java developers work in a specific environment, they must know how to work with Selenium, Android, Spring/Spring Boot, and JPA/Hibernate.

3.   Software Design & Architecture

If you need a Java developer working on software development, then your choice of a developer must be prepared to handle software design and architecture. With this skill, the java developers are able to see the big picture of the project and think ahead of the problems that might arise.

4.   Work with DevOps Tools

Should a Java developer know DevOps? Yes. Most certainly. The modern Java developer should use the DevOps tools so that they can set the best coding practices and environments as well as build scripts and guidelines. The tools the developers need to know how to work with are Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Maven, etc.

5.   APIs and Libraries

Knowing how the whole Java ecosystem and APIs work is a massive advantage of any java developer. Since Java is a very popular, extensive, and old programming language, there are so many libraries and APIs available for any imaginary scenario. Knowing all of them is not humanly possible; however, the java developer should be familiar with some of the main APIs:

  • JSON processing APIs: Jackson and Gson
  • XML processing APIs: JAXB and Xerces
  • Unit testing libraries: Mockito and JUnit

6.   Design Patterns

Finally, if you need a developer who will work with Java from scratch and write object-oriented code, then they must be familiar with design patterns as well. If the developer can incorporate them into the code, they can make their application a lot more flexible and easier to modify in the upcoming period.

To Conclude

Java developers are in high demand right now. However, as a CTO, or a tech recruiter, you must be aware that each java developer is different, with a different set of skills. Focus on the skills you deem are most important for your project and consult the above list of valued skills a java developer must have, and head to some of the platforms for hire. Good luck!

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