10 Secure and Exciting School Trip Ideas For Preschool

When a child enters nursery school, they take a crucial step towards their future. This is often the first time a young learner spends a significant amount of time away from home and their primary caregivers. This is why they often find it difficult to adjust to their new surroundings and need special attention from their parents to prepare for this new journey. 

Parents need to go the extra mile to make sure their child is ready to face these new challenges before they sit for their nursery school admissions. Let’s take a look at a few things parents need to keep in mind before their child sits for nursery school admissions to make sure they adjust well and make the most of their time in school. 

# 1 Understand Their Inhibitions 

Every child is different and so are their doubts and fears. So, try to understand their concerns and encourage them to speak about their doubts. Tell them that you’re there for them, and they can be completely open about anything that they’re worried about. Acknowledge that what might seem small or trivial to you can impact your child in a significant way. So be receptive to their inhibitions and address their problems respectfully. 

# 2 Try Roleplays 

Young children love roleplays. And as it turns out, these playful activities can be one of the most effective learning tools for young learners. Parents can try roleplaying a day in school along with their children to help them understand what a typical day would look like when they go to school. This is something they must know before they sit for their nursery school admission, as it would give them a clear idea about what they’re trying to achieve and why it’s important. 

# 3 Share Personal Stories 

Your child looks at you like you’re their hero. So telling them about your first few years in school can get them excited about their experience and make them look forward to going to school. Learning about how their role model went through the same emotions as they’re going through will help them feel more confident and prepare them for nursery school admissions. 

# 4 Make a Visit to the School 

This is one of the most recommended steps to take while preparing a child for nursery school admissions. Visiting the school would help your child gain first-hand insights and visualize how their days would look like in school. In addition, you can encourage them to interact with the teachers and other students and clear any doubts they might still have. 

# 5 Let them Identify Their Strengths 

Children are born with a variety of innate skills, which begin to emerge around the age of two or three. This might range from music to dance to art. A parent’s responsibility is to assist their kid in identifying these inherent gifts and encourage them to develop these skills to the best of their abilities. Urge your child to realize their full potential and prepare them to speak about it in nursery interviews.

So, these were a few ways in which a parent can emotionally support their child and prepare them for their nursery admissions. With these tips, you can help your child develop a positive attitude towards school and make them look forward to this new journey. In addition, this also helps them feel more confident and ready to tackle everyday challenges in school. 

Aside from these tips, another thing parents need to keep in mind is to choose a reputed institution such as Vega School. Nursery school forms the foundation for a child’s academic journey and paves the way for a lucrative future. At Vega School, every child learns through PBL( Problem Based Learning), which according to ACD, USA( The Association of  Supervision & Curriculum Development). This modern learning system brings experiential learning, Inquiry-Based Learning and Project-Based Learning, making it a very effective and robust 

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