Effectively selling food to your delicatessen’s customers depends on several factors such as counter displays, presentation and useful information. Attractive deli counter displays can entice customers to buy a wide range of food selections, boosting your revenue and promoting your business. The better you meet buyers’ criteria the more likely it is that your sales will increase.

Creating a virtually appealing display catches the eye of customers wondering whether they should indulge or not! Using a chamber vacuum sealer is one way of presenting certain deli food in a tempting way while informative labelling can share details such as pricing and ingredients. Read on for more ideas!

5 Effective Food Display Tips for Delis

1. Presentation: Displaying Cheese and Deli Meats

Vacuum-sealed cheese and deli meats look far more appealing when on display on your counter or in wall chillers. Also, vacuum-sealing hard cheeses and deli meats keeps them fresher for longer and is a hygienic way of presenting them in open fridges.

The other benefits of vacuum-sealing deli products include:

  • More counter space
  • Better organisation and neater appearance
  • Improved taste
  • Preservation of aroma and texture

Every deli should have a commercial vacuum sealer to package food products for display or when storing bulk cheese and meats for sale.

2. Labelling: Making Signage Attractive

Labelling deli products assists your customers to identify prices, ingredients and other essential information at a glance. Details such as allergens and suitability for special diets such as vegans and gluten-intolerance go a long way to reassuring customers what to buy or avoid.

Displaying labels attractively by using the following enhances the overall appearance of your counter display:

  • Wire or metal ticket holders
  • Miniature chalkboards
  • Countertop clear acrylic poster signs

Labelling products should be made from food-safe materials to protect your deli foods from contamination. Ticket holders that come in contact with deli food should be made with material that’s non-porous and easy to clean. Also note that metal signage should be constructed with non-corrosive stainless steel. 

3. Display Containers: Improving Aesthetics

Wicker display baskets are wonderful for showing off your fresh bakery products and creating a rustic but homely atmosphere for your delicatessen. They can be used to display snacks and other goodies that don’t need to be kept in the fridge. Wicker baskets let you organise and display your deli products on countertops, tables or shelving.

Acrylic display shelves work well for the minimalist or contemporary-styled delicatessen. They’re perfect for enticing customers to make an impulse purchase while waiting at the check-out point! You can even use them on clear countertop displays while reducing clutter.

4. Pavement Signs: Bring in the Crowds!

Attractive pavement signs are excellent drawcards for curious customers seeking interesting and tasty delicatessen treats. How can these help you?

  • You can choose rustic wooden boards to describe delicious food.
  • Use a Parisian-styled sign to promote mouthwatering pastries.
  • Double-sided pavement signs make it easier to catch the attention of passersby coming from either direction.
  • Large poster boards are ideal for advertising special offers or a new product in your delicatessen
  • All-weather pavement signs stops your marketing display from being washed away when it rains or snow!

5. Market-Style Displays: The Best Way to Sell Fresh Food

Creating an inviting fresh food display can be done by using the market-style approach. This kind of visual appeals to the gourmet in most shoppers who love to sample a variety of different products. Foodies enjoy the ambience of markets and will spend time meandering through your deli searching for some of their favourite fresh food items.

The market-style display makes it easier for hurried shoppers who need to quickly pick up a few ingredients for dinner. Including sampling dishes is another way to promote fresh food, simply by encouraging customers to taste fresh deli fare.

Quick Tips for Displaying Delicatessen Food

  • Multi-level risers: Stacking deli food isn’t only attractive but a practical way to store items that are easily accessible for both shoppers and your delicatessen staff—without using too much counter space.
  • Branded wax food paper: Wrapping deli purchases in beautifully branded wax food paper adds a special finishing touch as well as acts as a reminder of your store once they get home. 
  • Self-help counters: Allows you to display freshly made salads and specialties hygienically and practically while making your deli products easily accessible to customers looking for convenient takeaway meals.

Final Thoughts

The delicatessen industry in Australia faces stiff competition from supermarkets and standing out in the crowd is important if you want to have a successful business. Display and presentation play a huge role in enticing customers to purchase your deli products. Furthermore, branding and promotional material not only add to the ambience of your deli but help to market your special offers.

Taking advantage of deli design features allows you to create an aesthetically appealing delicatessen that attracts foodies looking for something out of the ordinary. With the best counter displays, you can increase sales and become the place to go for delectable, scrumptious deli food!

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