There is almost no mode of travel that can match the thrill and joy of cruising in a luxury yacht charter. You might either choose to privately own one or charter for a special vacation with your loved ones, all these types can give you an utmost sense of traveling freedom that is only possible with a sea voyage. Canvas Yacht Charter is one such popular name in the US that provides the best luxury yachts to its clients which are designed to offer maximum space so people can enjoy to the fullest with their loved ones, having the desirable amenities like swimming pools, private watercraft, personal chefs, outdoor decks, cinemas, and what not!

Excited to embark on a richly accoutered private yacht charter?

Well, that’s just the beginning of the adventure! Many such striking destinations around the world can take your yachting experience to the next level.

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  1. French Riviera  

French Riviera is one of the most beautiful yachting destinations in Europe with picturesque seaside villages, stunning white-sand beaches, luxury villas, and much more. Also, French Riviera offers many appealing and distinctive resort communities with varied types of ambiance from the cosmopolitan touch of Canes to the untouched beauty of Port-Cros. You will also find ample sunshine at Nice’s white-sand beaches while you are yachting in your spacious and comfortable yacht and enjoy a peaceful escape from the mainland hustle.

  1. Sicily

Those who love sailing often get attracted to Sicily for the popular beaches, anchorages, and serene fishing villages. As you travel through the beautiful blue waters of Sicily, you will enjoy the breathtaking views along with exploring the port of Palermo which is still an untouched beauty. You can also visit the magnificent historic squares, mouth watering cuisines, and remarkable architecture. Also, you will be able to enjoy different striking galleries, museums, and opera houses. And last but not least, don’t forget at all to have a look at the chain of volcanic islands that offer the clearest seas just like the Bahamas!

  1. Canary Islands 

The Canary Islands are one of the most famous European destinations that you can select for your next blue water vacation in your desired yacht charter. With untouched nature and favorable winds, Canary Islands make the best destination for your next yacht holiday. This island will be able to meet all your globetrotters’ expectations by providing you with a mix of different cultures, people with various backgrounds, historical monuments, and warm hospitality by the locals.

Also, if you want to enjoy the bustling nightlife experiences of Tenerife, the Gran Canaria beaches are your favorite destination! Moreover, what makes this destination an outstanding one is nothing but the beautiful island of La Palma. Many travelers refer to it as the most stunning place in the world. Do you want to explore the La Palma islands with your own eyes? Don’t wait anymore! Book the best yacht charter for yourself and start sailing!

  1. Greece 

The beautiful land of Greece is undoubtedly the cradle of western civilization. It is surrounded by wine-dark seas and dotted with many islands which makes it the mariner’s heaven for years. It has everything to make your next yacht holiday memorable, from the untouched natural beauty of its breathtaking beaches to the vibrant cosmopolitan nightlife.

All these have together made the islands of Mykonos and many others like this some of the top global destinations. You have so much to explore in this part of southern Europe. Sailors often stop here to spend a night on the tiles, have the best archeological exploration, or watch a spectacular sunset from the upper deck while they cruise to Santorini. Just choose Greece as your next holiday destination and you will be able to relish  having such unique experiences as well!

  1. Seychelles Islands 

Not many people know about it but Seychelles is the paradise on earth! With high granite rocks, palm trees swaying by the beaches, and turquoise blue waters everywhere framed with sparkling white sand beaches, Seychelles islands are one of a kind.

It is a mass of 115 islands laying off the eastern coast of Africa, located in the southern part of the Equator with breathtaking beauty. The islands located in the outer parts are all low-lying and they are mostly the coral atolls. When it comes to sailing, most of it is done within the inner islands which are located all close together and this makes it easy for people to hop the islands. If you want to go for a calm and relaxing yacht vacation where you have the plans to just unwind with your loved ones, Seychelles is the best destination.

The group of islands is located in the balmy and calm part of the Indian Ocean and if you get a chance to explore these secluded islands, it will certainly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Mahe is the largest and most developed island of the entire group of isles and this picturesque island is worth exploring at the mountains which are almost 3,000 feet above sea level.

The summers are already in and it is the best season for yachting. Isn’t it? So, book the best yacht charter for your next vacay with the best of amenities and services, and there you go!

Better still, why not consider a career working on a yacht and live the high life? A yacht stewardess salary for example can be extremely attractive. And what a way to see the world!

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