PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) Exam Study Material [Updated]

PMI – ACP stands for the Agile certified Practitioner certification provided by the PMI or the Project Management Institute. It validates the skill and knowledge of an individual regarding the use of Agile software development framework in an organisation. PMI itself provides credible PMI ACP training which can be followed aided with the following sample question.

  1. A team working on an agile project assigned 3 story points to a story. The manager wants to know how the points help in completion time and you can check best staffing firms. How should the team respond?
    • A story point refers to one hour of work
    • A story point refers to one day of work
    • A story point refers to one month of work
    • Story points are not directly correlated to time, but are to velocity, which specifies how many points a team can complete in an iteration
  2. Agile stresses on iterative, incremental development while Kanban is:-
  • Minimizing waste
  • Maximizing WIP
  • Maximizing Lead Time
  • Flow of work

3: A team is evaluating the duration required to create a software package by posting stories on the wall in the order from of least to highest. This is an example of:

  • Relative sizing
  • Top down estimating
  • Wireframes
  • Game player

4: Who is primarily responsible for delivery of the result in an agile team?

    • Development team
    • Product owner
    • Scrum master
    • Functional managers

5: Project A has an NPV of $15,000 and IRR of 15%. Project B has an NPV of $20,000 and IRR of 13%. Project C has an NPV of $18,000 and IRR of 12.5%. Project D has an NPV of $25,000 and IRR of 14%. Which project should be selected if only one can be funded?

    • A
    • B
    • C
    • D
  1. The scrum master of a team is busy with a critical task when another team member approached him for help. What should the scrum master do?
    1. Complete the critical task and then help the team member
    2. First help the team member and then return to his task
    3. Ask another team member to help
    4. None of the above
  1. The charter for an agile project is a bit different from the charter for a traditional project with respect to that:
    1. It is not mandatory for an agile project to have a charter
    2. Agile charter may not require a business case
    3. Agile charter is more lightweight, recognizing the inevitability of changes
    4. Traditional charter is more high level, agile charter is revised per iteration
  1. The iteration review or demo is an important meeting for the team to bring the iteration to a logical conclusion. Which of the following should NOT be part of this meeting?
    1. A demonstration of the working product
    2. A detailed overview of the challenges encountered during the iteration and how they were overcome
    3. Feedback by the participants about the end result
    4. Discussion about the potential release of the end result
  1. Mary is the scrum master for a new project and is working with the product owner and team on selecting the user stories for the first sprint. The team has committed to 30 story points for the sprint, but the product owner wants the team to deliver more. The team is uncomfortable committing more as it hasn’t understood the stories well. What should Mary do?
    1. Explain to the product owner that the team determines their commitment and she needs to accept what they have identified
    2. Encourage the product owner to review the stories and add more details and acceptance criteria to help the team better determine if they can deliver more stories
    3. Ask the team to identify two additional stories for the sprint as a stretch goal
    4. Add a story for the next sprint and add more details to the stories
    5. T10…dkk
  1. Pruning the Product Tree is used for:
  2. Release planning
  3. Iteration planning
  4. Requirement gathering
  5. Integration testing

Q.Which technique is used in analyzing how various groups interact with the product?

  1. Stakeholder analysis
  2. Creating personas
  3. Wireframes
  4. Risk analysis

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PMI – ACP certification is one of the most preferred certifications in agile related jobs both by the candidate and the recruiter. The above questions should help you prepare better for it.

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