6 Features That Can Be Customized On a Black Range Hood

Obtaining a range hood for your kitchen is an attractive option as it changes the entire look. The best part, however, is that black range hoods can be customized! It’s pretty simple to make your face stand out and have a hood look exactly how you want it to.

Check out our list below to learn the best ways to customize your hood today!

Don’t Neglect The Finish

Black range hoods can have polished brass, copper, or natural brass finishes. Remember that the finish will have a texture that can be hammered and done with artisan touches.

Consider The Texture With Black Range hoods

With black range hoods, you will have a variety of textures to choose from. Examples include stainless steel, artisan handmade finishes, and premium copper finishes. Now you need to keep in mind that most of the surfaces that you have available are soft. With artisan finishes, however, you get hand-hammered options that feel different.

Think About The Straps

Straps are typically an inch wide and made from highly thick metal. The placement, though, will depend on the shape of the hood as well as the size. These are essential things to consider because if the arrangement is something you are trying to alter, you may have to consider other design aspects.

Rivets Have A Finish Too

Rivets also have a finish, and the colors are a bit more muted but still impressive. In addition, you’ll find that some of the finishes offer a different texture that can add true elegance to the design. For instance, while most of the colors that will make your hood look its best are muted greys and blacks, there are black colors interspersed with gold that make the design look much more attractive.

Consider Getting A Pot Rail Finish

A pot rail finish isn’t necessary, but it is interesting to consider. This decorative yet functional accessory will let you hang your kitchenware on it. It’s regarded as one of the best ways to obtain space and better storage options.

Add A Fan To The Mix

You can add a fan with black range hoods, and all of the fan components will be in the hood. Because of this, you’ll find that you may have to build the range hood differently to have the fan of your choice. Another option you need to consider is whether or not you’ll be using a wall mount or an island. That will also determine whether or not you can utilize a fan.

Customize Black Range Hoods The Way You Like

You can have fun customizing your black range hoods. As you can see from the options we’ve given you above, you can see how colors, finishes, and rivets will play a part. As a result, redoing your kitchen can be a wonderful experience. Utilize the excellent customization options and let your personality and preferences shine through. You’ll find that you are much happier as a result.

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