If you enjoy discovering hidden treasures and relaxing on quiet islands off the coast of California, make Oxnard a must-see destination. Oxnard is a large city that spans 39.2 miles of land. Its total population is more than 200,000.

The place is well-known for its stunning beaches, strong agriculture, and active cultural environment. It’s a wonderful city to live in or visit because it also has a lot of parks, museums, and other sights.

Some of California’s most productive agricultural land can be found around Oxnard. Additionally, Oxnard is a bustling hub for business, tourism, and industry. A recreational harbor and resort amenities draw and support a thriving tourism sector.

If you enjoy coastlines, the arts, and culture, this city in California is the ideal vacation spot because it boasts many unique attractions.

What Are Glamorous Facts About Oxnard City?

Oxnard is a seaside city in California, previously the homeland of the Chumash Indians. Before European settlers arrived, a native American tribe called the Chumash inhabited the region for a long time. They lived in a hunter-gatherer community and relied on the region’s rich resources, including the sea, rivers, and forests.

Although it has a population of over 200,000 now, Oxnard’s history is still strongly influenced by Chumash Indian culture.

With nearly 20 miles of incredibly fine, white sand beachfront, visiting Oxnard is a beach lover’s dream. If you love surfing and sunbathing, you should visit Oxnard beaches because they are largely free of pebbles and driftwood. While the rip tide in Oxnard seas make surfing and other water activities tricky, beachgoers seeking to relax and enjoy the sun flock to Oxnard’s beautiful beaches.

Despite its extensive coastline, Oxnard has only one harbor. This harbor, named Channel Islands Harbor, is a well-known destination for recreational boaters. Numerous services are available there, including:

  • Fishing charters
  • Boat rentals,
  • A marina with over 1,000 spots

The harbor also has several restaurants, stores, and a public beach, making it a perfect place to spend a sunny day.

Top 6 Free Things To Enjoy in Oxnard Beach

Oxnard, California, is a beautiful seaside town for weekend and summer fun. Oxnard is on the Pacific Ocean coast in Ventura County, California. It boasts several beaches.

Its position attracts a wide range of mammalian species to the city’s many natural parks. Ordinary activities, such as sports and family bonding activities, are enhanced by the scenic views of the coastline city. Here are some free activities in Oxnard, California.

Here are the top 6 things to do freely in Oxnard beach:

1. Volleyball at Hollywood Beach

Near the West Channel Islands highway, a mile-long portion of Hollywood Beach’s white sand exists. There are several free volleyball courts along the vast shore. Put your athletic ability to the test in front of your friends or relatives.

After a game, relax and take in the spectacle of the skies’ shifting colors as the sun sets, going from yellow to orange and purple. This beach naturally draws a lot of visitors, including filmmakers. Additionally, Hollywood Beach is a popular setting for love stories.

2. Silver Strand Beach Bodysurfing

Although the sand at this beach is darker than at Hollywood Beach, Silver Strand Beach attracts visitors due to its high waves, which are ideal for bodysurfing. Bodysurfing is the act of gliding and floating through the pressure of the waves. You can venture deep into the waters for bigger waves and prolonged glides if you’re skilled and courageous enough.

You can enjoy seeing surfers rush to the beach both in the summer and winter. Another visual treat is the Silver Strand Mural, which displays brightly colored paintings of geometrical figures and scenes.

3. Kiddie Beach Park

Visit Kiddie Beach Park for its cold, shallow waters if you wish to relax your body and play with your children. Swimmers are protected from strong waves on this beach by ropes and rock pillars. Consult with local health officials to see if the beach is suitable to swim at, particularly after a storm. If you possess a paddleboard, you can take a leisurely ride in Kiddie Beach calm waters.

Kiddie Beach is ideal for parents who wish to introduce their children to swimming before taking them further into more active waters. Along the route to Silver Strand Beach, you can reach this beach.

4. The Bike Path at Oxnard Beach Park

California’s Oxnard Beach Park, which is about one hour from Los Angeles, covers 62 acres along Harbor Road. You can save money on parking by riding on the park’s bike lanes while enjoying the pleasant wind from the shore.

You will also enjoy the peaceful, richly planted grounds surrounding Oxnard Beach Park.

The bike tracks are extensive and gently curved, making them suitable for people of all ages.

The beach park’s palm trees offer tourists shade and enhance the magnificent views.

The trees also cast shadows on the broad grassland areas in the bright sun. Relax your tired legs on the benches just at the rear of the beach, which also offers views of the nearby Channel Islands National Park.

5. Enjoy the Sunshine at Hobie Beach

Hobie Beach is only a few feet away from Kiddie Beach. Hobie is great for adults who want to chill and have some alone time away from kids. Away from the broad beachfront, in a nook-like area of Channel Islands Harbor, Hobie Beach offers a pleasant atmosphere.

Lay out your towel and enjoy the sunshine reflecting off the brown beach. On occasion, tourists would pass by on their paddleboards and kayaks, enhancing your surroundings and adding color to your view. Get up after sunbathing with a pep in your step, feeling refreshed, and having a more positive attitude toward life.

6. Win a Raffle

Enjoy the free noontime raffle at the Downtown Oxnard Farmers Market every Thursday! This market at Plaza Park offers a broad variety of things, some of which you might win for free. These things include the following:

  • Various berries
  • Leafy green
  • Citrus fruits
  •  Nuts
  •  Flowers
  • Ornamental plants

Other products come in the form of Mexican food, croissants, fruit drinks, and other meals from nearby food trucks.

You might also win locally made goods or environmentally friendly goods. That’s because the farmer’s market is a place where government and civic organizations promote their causes. The Downtown Oxnard Farmers Market develops a strong sense of family among visitors through the raffle.

Final Thoughts

Oxnard, as a coastal community, has a variety of beach activities, ranging from intense to family-friendly. You can surf on its amazing beaches or watch the nearby Channel Islands boat parade. Make Oxnard a must-visit location if you love finding undiscovered gems and relaxing on beautiful beaches.

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