6 great reasons to implement a program of workplace flu vaccinations

Arriving at the office, your head of HR is waiting for you along with a couple of line managers. You have problems as the phone has been constantly busy with employees ringing the factory saying that they are sick. You check the sports calendar to make sure there isn’t a big game on in town, before trying and think how to fill the gaps.

Throughout this, you have the conversation with a mate a couple of months ago hammering away at you. You told him he was being over the top, but how you wish you had listened to his advice and introduced a program of workplace flu vaccinations for 6 great reasons.

  1. You would have a full team, or thereabouts, to carry on production as normal, without putting strain on their colleagues who must try and make up for the shortfall. Your production is going to be down, which will affect your customers who might look elsewhere for a more reliable service.
  2. If you had offered free workplace flu vaccinations, it would have helped your reputation as an employee, rather than one who tends to be suspicious. Offering the shot in the workplace would see a huge increase in take up, compared with asking staff to do it in their own time and try to source a clinic carrying out vaccinations. You have peace of mind that you have done your bit, while working on strategies how to minimise income and taxes when planning your retirement.
  3. For the outlay, you would save yourself immeasurable amounts of cash, as there is no danger of a loss of orders, and you would be saving your staff money in loss of earnings and the cost of a vaccination. This will create a better working environment and a feeling of unity among the work force.
  4. Workplace flu vaccinations make it a safer place for anyone entering the premises, as they are less likely to pick up the virus that is awful to contract and feels those infected feeling very low. You certainly don’t want any visitors to go away from your company feeling that you have been negligent towards their welfare.
  5. Giving staff the opportunity of a vaccination at work means that they will enjoy their time away with family and friends more. They will not infect those vulnerable at home, which might lead to them having to become a carer leading to further work absenteeism. Instead, they might want to spend some time off staying healthy by enjoying a bike ride by an iconic venue.
  6. You will have no need to worry about any disruption in your workplace by teaming up with healthcare professionals who will provide a comprehensive service with data security a priority. You will be provided with promotional materials and a meticulous service.

You will prioritise implementing workplace flu vaccinations to save yourself and your valued workforce time and money, while building a better relationship and creating an environment where engagement increases production through increased morale.

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