Construction sites are always abuzz with machines and people moving around in a frenzy to meet their deadlines. To make this process flow smoothly, it’s essential to have the right tools on hand.

One of the top ways to make meeting construction deadlines considerably easier is to opt for an excavator for sale Melbourne project managers routinely use. If you’re wondering whether or not an excavator will benefit your business, this post is for you.

Excavators—More Useful Than You Think

Excavators are among the more popular pieces of earth-moving equipment. This is because they’re lightweight and versatile and can be used for a wide range of tasks. We’ve listed a few of the top jobs that make looking for a 5 tonne excavator for sale well worth the effort!

1.     Trench Digging

Any project manager will agree that trenches need a huge amount of precision to be dug correctly. This process is made especially harder in instances where there’s limited space.

Fortunately, excavators, especially the 5 tonne models, are lightweight and compact enough to manoeuvre in all types of narrow spaces on your job site. With tighter handling, avoiding objects around the trench is so much easier!

2.     Work on Residential Properties

Another excellent use for a smaller excavator involves its ability to perform earthmoving tasks on a residential property. This is especially nifty if you’re adding building structures to a domestic property since larger machines won’t be able to enter the space.

It’s a quick and easy way to remove building rubble and excess sand. With their smaller profiles, there is also less risk of damage to the ground and surrounding structures.

3.     Jobs That Involve Extensive Idle Time

While some people always seem to be rushing around to get things done, the reality is that some jobs often stand idle while another crew do their section of work first.

That means, there may be days when your excavator is standing idle, waiting for the go-ahead to do their part. Fortunately, 5 tonne excavators are versatile enough to do different types of jobs around a construction site.

4.     Can Easily Remove Debris

Building sites result in a considerable amount of debris. This can include asphalt, rocks and even trees and shrubbery that have been dug up to create foundations for new structures.

Since rubble from demolition projects can be heavy to move, it’s not feasible or safe to do this manually. That said, your trusty excavator will be excellent for removing rubble of all types.

5.     Moving Building Materials

Excavators aren’t just perfect for construction or demolition, they’re also good for moving materials on site. This is most commonly the case in road construction where materials need to be moved as the road is being paved or constructed.

6.     Functional for Agricultural Jobs

Farming and agricultural jobs also benefit from a small 5 tonne excavator’s manoeuverability. A few of the practical uses of an excavator in a farm setting include:

  • Heavy lifting: Excavators are ideal for lifting heavy items such as fertiliser bags that need to be placed on a shelf in the barn or moved out to the fields. You can also move seeds into your hopper and stack up hay bales.
  • Fence building: If you need to erect new fences, the auger attachment for your excavator will make creating the holes quick and easy.
  • Mulching: The vegetable fields on your farm may be considerably larger than the average townhouse veggie patch. It’s safe to assume the mulching process will be more extensive. Fortunately, you can use your excavator to mulch large quantities of leaves and grass in a fraction of the time.
  • Clear out overgrown fields: Excavators make it easy to clear extensive pieces of land for crops or even livestock grazing.
  • Moving logs: If you’re cutting down trees, you may need help moving the logs to your barn or shed for storage. Your excavator can get this done with minimal effort.
  • Digging: As on construction sites, excavators can take the strain out of all arduous digging tasks. Creating trenches and irrigation channels just got a whole lot easier.
  • Deliver feed: In some instances, it may be necessary to deliver feed to livestock or other animals on distant parts of your property. These can easily be done with an excavator which is much quicker and safer than manually trying to haul feed to your utility vehicle and then offloading at the other end.

Another plus point is that its compact size makes a 5 tonne machine easy to store in a garage or barn. Investing in the necessary accessories means you simply have to switch out the front end to get a variety of job functions out of one single machine.

Final Thoughts

There should be no doubt that your construction, building or agricultural company will benefit from owning an excavator. Whether you need to move rubble, materials or even dig out trees and shrubs, a 5 tonne excavator should be on your list of must-haves!

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