Stickers are an easy and inexpensive way for businesses to market themselves. In spite of technological advancements and the vast usage of social media, many businesses still rely on them to advertise their brand and promote their business. Additionally, they serve as advertising tools directly or indirectly and are a key part of the branding process. Therefore, it is extremely important these stickers are created to be creative and impactful and avoid some common mistakes. Are you interested in learning what common mistakes to avoid while you make your own stickers?

How Do You Avoid These Common Mistakes When Creating Custom Stickers?

Check out this list of what not to do when designing personalized stickers. Following these guidelines will assist you in making the right decision. First, let’s look at what you should avoid.

  1. Choosing the Incorrect Container:

The first and most important step to selecting the right container for your stickers is to choose the appropriate measurement. As a result, you may end up with stickers that are not suitable for your business. Depending on the container’s dimensions, you will have a number of choices for cutting dies. Too small or too large stickers can negatively impact your packaging look, and can potentially cost more money if new stickers need to be printed.

  1. Improperly Designed Artwork:

You can save time as well as money by getting your artwork designed by an expert. It is therefore essential to follow some simple guidelines when creating eye-catching custom stickers. It is not uncommon for these stickers to include specific colors, images, graphics, and fonts. The right use of these elements will ensure you have a sticker that is effective and meets your needs.

  1. Missing graphics and fonts:

The digital world gives users a greater range of fonts in addition to visual elements at their fingertips. You can use fancy fonts easily for your designs. There is a major problem here in that sometimes the printing facility does not have the type of font you have selected. There are also font types that cannot be read clearly or easily.

Before sending your artwork, create a noticeable outline around your fonts to prevent this error. It is the same with graphics.

  1. Color Issues:

No matter what business you’re in, consumers often recognize your brand by the colors you use. If you are going to print your stickers, keep in mind that every printer prints differently. Since color uniformity is a crucial step in branding, a press proof should always be obtained before printing. In terms of color, RGB (references the primary colors of light) and CMYK (references the primary colors of pigment) are both valid. Digital printers typically print in CMYK, whereas computer monitors use RGB colors. The color of stickers created in RGB will often differ from the color of the printer. Thus, it is imperative to create your artwork in CMYK for the best match.

  1. Misspellings:

It is embarrassing when you make a silly spelling mistake that can sometimes cost you more than you can imagine. Therefore, be sure to check the content of stickers before sending them to print. Avoid any textual or grammatical errors in your content.

  1. Harmful Adhesives:

There’s a chance your label will look good when you get it, but will not hold up very well over time. It may happen for a variety of reasons, for example, when the sticker comes off when wet or has bad adhesive. It can be fixed by applying the correct adhesive. Different types of adhesives fall into three categories – permanent, removable, and repositionable. Stickers needing to stick in a variety of conditions are best applied with a permanent adhesive. However, the adhesive used makes it difficult to reapply a label once it has been placed on a surface. If that is the case, repositioning adhesive is a great choice.

Getting rid of these mistakes will allow you to improve the quality of your stickers and labels. It is important to communicate the specifics of your project with the sticker and label manufacturer to ensure that your custom stickers are printed correctly, on time, and without hassle. Whenever you decide to create personalized stickers for your company’s promotional campaign, make sure you work with a professional label manufacturer.

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