Many people have entered the aesthetics profession more focused on the idea of what an aesthetic career is like rather than find out the potential realities of it.

Some get attracted to the idea of working in a helping profession. While others want to solve skin problems. It may also be that they were excited at the probability of working at a luxurious resort spa.

Whatever brings you closer to your career as an aesthetician, one thing is clear. What you experience as a professional in the field of aesthetics will differ from what you imagined it to be. 

But who is an esthetician? They are state-licensed skin care professionals trained to promote healthy skin. This includes skin care procedures like waxing and peels. They are also tasked with educating clients on the proper use of skincare products.

Some people confuse esthetics with cosmetology. Cosmetology is about hair care and makeup, whereas esthetics is about standard cosmetic concerns as well as individuals dealing with medical conditions that affect the skin.  

Motivating Factors for a Career in Esthetics

A lot of people explore the benefits of becoming professional estheticians. Nevertheless, education and training can be a rewarding way to get into the industry. Beyond the potential to advance your career, there are other motivational factors. Read on to understand them.

1. Setting Goals to Achieve

Beauty schools enable individuals to specialize in what they are passionate about. We can’t deny the fact that there is a big commitment that comes with that. 

There’s a lot you have to do to prepare for this exciting stage in your career. But you shouldn’t let it overwhelm you. In any case, this is something you can’t wait to start practicing. So it’s a good idea that you start accomplishing your goals one at a time. Before you know it, you’ll be on the right track to your career as an esthetician.

One of the things you’ll have to do is to enroll in a state-certified esthetics program. If you decide to go full-time, you’ll complete school in less than a year. But if you go part-time, it will take you one and a half years to complete. Some institutions provide programs that cater to both full-time and part-time students.

Remember you need to pass your exams to get licensed as an esthetician. However, passing the exams is not easy without proper preparation. Also, different states have different requirements for those who want to get into this field.

In Florida, for instance, the exam is regulated by the Florida Board of Cosmetology. This board requires you to complete a licensed program of 260 hours of training. As well as passing both the written and practical exams. 

That’s why you must prepare thoroughly as mentioned earlier. Apart from going through all topics, you can also take up the esthetician practice test for free. This test is set in the same manner as the Esthetics State Board Exam. It helps you to gauge your preparedness for the real exam.

Taking these free practice tests will help you know whether or not you’re ready. Remember that the state board esthetician exam is the determining factor for you and your career. So you must be well prepared. 

2. Flexible Working Schedules 

Getting your esthetician license opens doors to great career paths. The best thing about this field is that you’re allowed to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

A lot of estheticians work from a spa, a rented salon booth, or out of their homes. If you work from a spa, you’ll only have to work for a certain amount of time. In most cases, it’s early morning shifts or late evenings. This means that you have time in the afternoons to take care of other responsibilities.  

You are also at liberty to set your hours around client appointments if you work in a rented salon booth. The liberty to set your working hours is ideal if you’re a parent. That’s because it allows you to spend more time with your family. It’s also ideal for those who dislike the traditional 9 to 5 work schedule.

3. Informing Friends and Family Members 

Sometimes it’s easy to convince yourself to hold off on your dreams for one reason or the other. It could be that you don’t think there’s enough time for it to fit in your schedule. It could also be that you’re simply afraid of diving into something you’re passionate about.

Whatever your reason is, know that many other people hold off on something they should have done long ago. That’s why you need to inform your friends and family about your intentions. 

This will make them your support system and they’ll encourage you to go for it. They will tell you that you must go for what you want and you’ll get surprised at how easy it becomes once you get started. 

 4. Becoming an Expert in the Field 

Working as an esthetician is a chance to learn new things. Remember that the world of skincare is always evolving. As such, estheticians are always tasked with learning new skin care techniques as well as skin care treatments throughout their career. This guarantees that you’re always on your toes and that keeps you from falling into a rut. 

You’ll also have to keep up with the latest in skin care products. This will give you the understanding to suggest the best ones to your clients for their skin care. Additionally, it could cause people to look to you as a reliable source for flawless skin care tips. 

You can take advantage of it and begin another business on the side. You can get into blogging and brand partnerships for paid social media collaborations. 

5. It’s a Quick Path to the Job Market

As mentioned, programs in state-certified esthetics institutions take around 1.5 years to complete. This means that in less than two years, you’ll have your esthetics license. Then you’ll be ready to get started on your career. 

This is unlike other professions where it takes years to complete training. A career in esthetics is one of the fastest to get into. 

6. Esthetics is a Rewarding Career

Being an esthetician inspires confidence in others by helping clients look their best. As an esthetician, you’ll often help the same clients. Thereby giving them customized treatments.

Thus, repeated skin care routines will see your services pay off through your clients’ improved appearance as  well as boosted self-esteem. Improving how others feel leads to a joyful and fulfilling career, one a lot of people will feel grateful for.  

Final Take Away

People nowadays take care of their appearance through skin care routines. However, many of them aren’t aware that it can be a rewarding career. If you’re passionate about skin care and beauty, then a career in esthetics might be good for you.

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