6 Must-Have Features of a Modern Bathroom in 2021

Pandemic might have taught you to be at home and surprisingly you might have started looking after it more than you used to do earlier. If you are a working professional then you might have set up your office at some of the corners of your house. You might redecorate your living room and the bedroom but there are chances that you might have forgotten about the bathroom. The bathroom is the most neglected part when it comes to redecorating the house. No matter how many times we use it in a day we never thought of giving a makeover to it. Talking about the current trends in 2021 there have many designs and features that have been launched for bathrooms. If you are planning to redecorate your bathroom then you should certainly consider it. Here is the list.

Bath Accessories

A good set of hardware and accessories play an important role to get an elegant bathroom. There was a time when the bronze medal accessories were in trend but now the matte black and polished gold hardware have taken place when it comes to hardware and fixtures. You can also consider getting the pulls, knobs, and door handles as decorating jewelry from the stores such as Reece Plumbing for your bathroom

Bold materials

You might have seen the usage of bold statements in interiors but now the bathroom has also become part of it. Here you can play around with large-scale patterns of wallpaper, flora fauna theme, etc. This way you will be able to add escapism to the bathroom. You can also add a colored floor with big graphics in your bathroom. Limestone, Marble, and Quartzite are a few of the recommended options for this.

Spa theme

Don’t you love to rejuvenate yourself after a hectic day? What would be the best option than getting a nice steam bath? Hence most people are still considering getting the spa set up done in the bathroom. This would be the best way to rejuvenate and relax your body. You can consider installing the steam showers

either in the infrared or regular version. You can also get the jetted tubs to soak yourself.

Natural Light

Natural lights tend to enhance the overall look of the bathroom. So, when you think of redecorating your bathroom make sure to add a provision for a lot of natural light. Apart from this, you can also consider connecting the vibes of your bathroom to the outdoor. Outdoors tend to encompass the larger space of your bathroom with the help of expansive windows. This oversize structure helps to give the feel of luxury connecting to nature. Installing the open showers could also be a great option for this. Most people have adopted the idea of sharing the shower via a glass wall to the outdoor Zen Garden.

Touchless Bathroom

Since everything is going digital, bathrooms have also taken their share for it. The concept of automation has made major changes in the overall functions of faucets, lighting, toilet seats, etc. Many people are now ditching the manual toilet seats. Now they are considering getting automatic toilet seats that can be lowered automatically with just a touch of a button. You would find a variety of options if you look for automated bathroom equipment such as Toto Washlet loo, Heated Seats, heated floors, water filters, and air purifiers.

Thick Counters

You might have already kept a counter in your bathroom but getting the extra thick countertop would help to add a more luxurious and high-end look. You can consider getting the three to six inches of slab for the countertop. Talking about stones, here you can certainly go ahead with marble with intricate veining that helps to pop up the countertop. If you think that marble would not fit in your budget then you can consider getting the color quartzite.

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