6 Options to Consider While Paying Your Bills

What is the most important factor for which you set aside some part of your budget every month? Those are your bills. We need to pay certain bills every month whether it is for gas, electricity, internet or water. There was a time when one needs to stand in a long queue to make the payment for these utilities but digitalization made things easy for us. Now you can make the payment easily for your bills with just one click. There are many websites such as http://deferit.com.au/ and mobile apps through which you can make payments easier for your utilities and for the services that you have used.

There are various benefits of making the payment online such as it saves your time. You do not need to stand in a long queue to make the payment for the services that you have used. If you are a working professional then it would be a big relief for you since you would not need to take out time from your busy schedule. You would not need to drive to the collection offices to make the payment. Hence you are saving your fuel as well. Many mobile applications and websites offer promotional codes through which you can avail of amazing cash-back offers. Hence you can save money as well by paying online. There are various online modes through which you can make payments for your bills. You could check at xpress-pay.com as they accept digital payments on any device, anytime, and anywhere. Here are a few options you can consider.

Net Banking

Net Banking, also known as Internet Banking is known to be the most common method used by people to make an online bill payment. Here is the method is very simple as most of the banks provide the option to choose the respective biller on their dashboard and make the payment. You can simply log in with your regular internet banking user id and password to proceed. This helps you to keep the track of your finances as well since you will be able to see all the spending in one place. Most banks nowadays offer the AutoPay option for bill payment where the payment gets deducted from the bank account automatically on the respective date. Hence you would not need to worry about missing the due date or paying any penalty fees for late payment.

Credit Card

A credit card is known to be the other most popular option to make online bill payments. Generally, with a credit card, you get 45 days to make the payment to the bank without any interest. Hence it could be a great option for you if you have a shortage of funds at the time of bill payment.

Debit Card

Similar to the credit card you can make the payment for your bills through debit cards as well. A debit card is generally linked to your savings account and hence the amount gets deducted from the particular account itself. Hence you would not have to carry cash every time to make the payment for your bills.

Mobile Banking

It is the era of smartphones and hence we find most of the people prefer using mobiles than the desktop or laptop. Hence banks launched the facility of mobile banking wherein the user can make transactions and make bill payments through mobile banking. Here bank will provide you a link to download the mobile banking app along with the user id and password. You would simply need to log in and proceed to make the payment for your bills.

Digital Wallet

Digital wallet has become the latest trend in the online payment sector and we have seen many people using it on daily basis. Many digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay allow you to make the payment for your bills through the digital wallet platform itself. All you have to do is link your bank account with the wallet app once downloaded and start making the transactions.


BPAY is a unique payment option provided by banks wherein you can make the payment for your bills through telephone as well as internet banking. Here you can make the payment for all types of bills. You would get the unique payment code and the BPAY logo on your respective bills. Here you would not need to pay any additional charges or fees.

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