6 PRO Tips Nobody Tells You In Call of Duty, Modern Warfare

Within this article, I also want to give you legitimate tips so you can still win a bunch of gunfights and raise that KD. Pro players don’t usually share some tips with people in Call of Duty, Modern Warfare.

Today, we’re gonna be talking about six things that not a lot of people talk about.

  1. Sensitivity

So the first thing I want to talk about is your sensitivity.

I always tell you when playing on public matches to play on a sensitivity closer to around eight or something like that.

Many pro players decide to play on a lower sensitivity, so they play maybe on a five or four or six or something like that.

You might think, well, you can’t really turn on enemies when your sensitivity is that low, and the truth is no, you can’t, especially if they start shooting you.

But in the pro setting, many of these players are really good. They go head-on in gunfights. 

Gunfights are always head-on because all the players are good. 

They know where enemies are going to try and shoot from. So you don’t really have to worry about turning around so much.

If your sensitivity is lower, your accuracy is better, but in multiplayer, which is what most people play, that’s where your sensitivity needs to be a bit higher. That’s where there could be enemies randomly behind you.

Make sure your sensitivity is probably around eight. I would say 70 lowest. That way, you could turn on quickly if you hear them coming up behind you before they could kill you. 

So sensitivity is essential.

  1. Use broken camera angles to your advantage

You have to use the broken camera angles to your advantage. There’s a lot of broken camera angles in the game.

I can name you a few right now,

  1. a. Let’s say you’re on the bottom of the staircase, and you peak up to look at the top of the staircase.

You could see the enemies clearly. You can see their feet, their head, their chest, and everything.

But once you get into that staircase situation, the enemy who is above you, who’s looking at you, he won’t be able to see you unequivocally, he might only be able to see a forehead, and that’s because the cameras are very broken in this game.

  1. b. There’s another one used a lot whenever you start to peek at a corner, and I don’t mean peeking a corner by leaning around the corner. 

I mean peeking a corner by just walking up and looking around.

That also is broken your camera angle. You will see the enemy, but he might not even see you at all. 

So always make sure that you peek at those corners, people.

The same goes for the doors you know where an enemy is inside a building, bust through that door and start shooting right where you think he is right away because he won’t see you until a few milliseconds after as well.

That’s super important because it only takes a few milliseconds to kill someone, so make sure you use it to your advantage.

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  1. Always center your crosshairs

Next on the list is to get your crosshairs lined up where you think the enemies will be.

Always center those crosshairs.

And in this game, it’s pretty cool because your crosshairs are not just Crosshairs. You get a tiny dot in the middle of them, a little white dot that will tell you exactly where your gun is going to aim down sights.

Even when you are sprinting, that tiny dot is always going to be there no matter what. So make sure that that tiny dot on your screen is always centered or always where you think the enemies will be.

Never ever run with that tiny dot facing the floor because those few milliseconds it takes you to start shooting at someone. If you see someone and he is centered on you, he will get you.

So it’s not worth it.

Always center that dot, which is a little weird because you always have to think of it. 

But once you start thinking of it in a few games and start playing with that dot centered all the time. It just becomes second nature.

I don’t even think of it anymore. I just know it’s always going to be where I wanted to be.

  1. Know when to camp and exactly when to rush.

It might seem bad that I’m telling you to camp, but I’m not telling you to be that dude who never leaves the corner, don’t do that.

But if you know many enemies are coming your way, do not rush towards them. You’re probably going to die.

Stay back, hold up ahead. Glitch hold up a building or something and let the enemies come to you one by one.

This way, you’re guaranteed to get some kills if you’re more accurate than the enemies.

Know when to camp and when to rush. If you see, enemies are coming behind you, three of them together, and one ahead of you.

Rush that dude alone and then try maybe to run away from those three if you think they’re still together or camp out in that area and get them.

I wouldn’t really even call it camping when you stay in one spot for 10 seconds because you know enemies are coming there. 

That’s not camping.

That’s just outplaying the enemies.

  1. Know your enemies.

You’ve got to know where these guys are going to be coming from. 

This one takes a little more time because the more you play Call of Duty, the more you know where the enemies will be on specific maps.

Once you start to know where the enemies are, you will be able to kill them quickly. Know how your enemies play, and this one just takes time.

We just got a just play more often if you can, if you have the time to do so. You’ll notice this comes easy.

  1. Use Aimbots

This is a tip I’ve repeated so many times. But here it is again.

Go into a private match, go into the settings, turn off aim assist. Put on as many bots as you possibly can, then go into a game and just go off on the enemies.

Shoot them in the head. Set it to headshots only if you want the private match and just shoot the enemies like crazy.

This is going to force you to hit those headshots.

It’s going to force you to play without aim assist, without any help whatsoever, and it’s just really damn good.

But when you go back online, don’t forget to turn your aim assist back on. Make sure you guys practice on those bots. 

The more you start shooting them in the head, the more natural it’s gonna come when you play the actual multiplayer itself.

It might sound weird playing bots, but they help your accuracy like crazy.

Mike Tomson. 

Gamer. Engineer. Pro critic. Writer for Iwantcheats.net

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