6 Secret Croatia Islands & Beaches to Discover with a Yacht

When you ask people about Croatia, those that are familiar with the destination usually mention Dubrovnik, Split and maybe Hvar. These are certainly beautiful historic spots worth visiting, but since they are so popular, they often get super crowded with tourists—not ideal conditions to relax and enjoy the beautiful Adriatic Sea. However, there is a way to avoid the crowds if you can visit some more remote spots, and you might end up having a private beach! If peace, relaxation and privacy are what you’re searching for, take note of these secret Croatian islands and beaches that you can access only by a yacht:


Let’s start with Rab—a not totally unknown place to visitors, because it’s very popular among royals and yacht owners, but it offers tons of privacy. It used to be a Venetian outpost, but after King Edward VIII landed his boat to Rab, the place was really put on the yachting map. The king and his wife adored the location, especially Kvarner Beach in Lopar where they reportedly skinny-dipped! Bathing suit or not, Kvarner is a must-visit spot in Rab. The island also has over 150 km of biking and hiking trails so if you want to enjoy the firm land for a while, you can stay more than active.


Most tourists get stuck at the name and don’t even try to learn more about Palagruža, so it remains a hidden gem of Croatia. This island lives on the Adriatic Sea surrounded by nothing but deep-blue water. When you land your yacht, make sure to visit the lighthouse keeper and learn about the island and its perks. Palagruža is Croatia’s southernmost point, thus a very unique climate for the country—almost no rain but plenty of strong winds that quickly change direction, so you really need to be experienced in yachting to sail around this lonely island. The landscape in Palagruža is stunning, but there’s not much else you can do on the island, except for relaxing, swimming and enjoying the incredible underwater life.

Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok or Long Island in English is located just off the coast of Zadar, a very popular tourist destination. The archipelago is accessible by ferries, but they can never replace sailing on your private yacht around the island. With a personal boat, you can visit all inviting natural coves and alcoves and feel like a true explorer. Even if you’re not the best at sailing, there is a luxury yacht charter in Croatia so you can just relax and enjoy the 7-day itinerary as you explore North Dalmatia. Having an experienced captain to handle your sailing will allow you to see all the best things on your way and visit untouched beaches. Plus, your crew will make you feel like a VIP! If you’re looking to experience peace and privacy, yet get some sun, Dugi Otok has to be on your Croatian itinerary.


Even though it’s quite close to Dubrovnik, Lopud is a true hidden gem of Croatia. With a good yacht, you can visit this island from Dubrovnik whenever you like. Once you lower the anchor at Lopud, you’ll be greeted with dramatic mountain views and calm seas. And the island is car-free, so nothing will snap you out of your daydream of paradise. When you get tired of strolling around, go grab a meal at a seaside restaurant. If you love to be active on your vacation, cross the hills on foot and enjoy Šunj Bay and its amazing soft sand.


Lastovo is a national park that combines history with natural wonders. It boasts amazing Mediterranean architecture that can be found all along the coastline—Lastovo is simply amazing and you must visit it with your yacht. Hire your yacht charter and you will get to explore all the beauties of the place while feeling incredibly glamorous. Lastovo is small yet welcoming and warm, a spot with great restaurants, relaxing beaches and plenty of opportunities to explore the underwater world and satisfy your exploration spirit.

Sveti Klement

Not many average tourists know about Sveti Klement, but this island is quite beloved by the rich and famous. The island is a part of the Pakleni Islands not far away from popular Hvar, especially if you have a yacht to travel with. Sveti Klemet is a great getaway for tourists of Hvar because you can easily escape the crowd and enjoy the sea in peace. It is speckled with picturesque beaches, many hiking trails lined with flowers and island greenery, and various gourmet bars that serve probably the best roasted octopus in the world. Their swordfish carpaccio is also a must-try! If you’re looking to indulge and have a relaxing vacation, Sveti Klement has your name written on it.

Sure, Croatia is a small country, but its coast is rich in stunning islands and beaches you can easily visit if you have a yacht. Choose any of these islands (or create an itinerary that involves several) and expect an unforgettable boating holiday in Croatia.

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