6 Sweet Treats to Pair with coffee

Everything’s better with coffee! It is a universal truth, and no one can deny it. Remember the day, when it was raining heavily. Didn’t you crave a coffee that day? There is a different feeling to drinking espresso coffee pods or a latte along with fried food when it rains. Right?

Similarly, espresso goes like a house on fire with dessert. People who say that you cannot pair coffee with dessert have unquestionably never tried an Affogato.

Do you agree that coffee with dessert sounds like an incredible idea? Then do read the following blog to get ideas about what you can make to go with your perfect cup of espresso.

1. Espresso with chocolate cake

Espresso is served in a small shot glass. Also, it is bitter and strong. Thus, one of the perfect dessert pairings for it is a chocolate cake.
Now, you can try it with a double chocolate cake or a flourless chocolate cake or so on. One thing we can tell you for sure is that it will be epic.

Sharing one famous recipe of flourless chocolate cake with you:

Flourless chocolate cake recipe:

Try this incredible three-ingredient flourless chocolate cake recipe from gimmesomeove.com
You need:
Eggs- 8 large & cold

Bittersweet chocolate- 1 Lb (chopped)
Unsalted butter- 16 tbsp
To make:
Melt butter and coffee by combining them together. Use the oven for it or the double- boiling method.

Also, beat the eggs on a high speed till it doubles.
Add the beaten eggs into the chocolate & butter mix in three batches. Combine them well till the mixture becomes homogeneous.
Pour it into a springform pan and put it in the medium rack of the oven. Put enough boiling water on both sides that it comes up sideways.
Bake it for 25 minutes.

For a detailed recipe, click here.

You can try any chocolate cake that you like with espresso and it will taste heavenly.

2. Espresso with affogato

Affogato is an Italian dessert whose literal meaning is drowned. Yes, you heard it right! Affogato is a dessert that you drown in espresso, and it is usually vanilla ice cream. It tastes heavenly as ice cream with coffee never goes out of style.
However, it doesn’t have to be vanilla ice cream only. You can choose from any item high on cocoa or almonds or vanilla-like an amaretto or so on. You are not in the mood for a dessert, but still want something delicious – try the best coffee at Dunkin Donuts. There you can try coconut caramel iced coffee, hazelnut mocha, frozen chocolate coffee coolatta, and much more.

3. Latte with apple pie

Apple pie is a sweet & spicy dessert that is perfect to have in fall. It is so delicious and gives you a warm feeling. When you think about pairing it with the perfect beverage, a latte is the best thing. Enjoy this decadent dessert with warm caramel or vanilla latte.

Make sure that to make a latte, you choose a coffee pod that works well with the spicy/sweet notes of the pie.

4. Cappuccino with ice-cream desserts

Cappuccino is a light coffee drink with a huge flavor of milk in it. It is aromatic with a bit of sweetness to it. Therefore, it goes well with any ice-cream dessert-like brownie crumble topped with vanilla ice cream.

5. Latte with fruit tart

Another thing that you can pair with latte is a fruit tart or small cookies. Latte has a higher concentration of espresso than cappuccino. Thus, it is best to pair it with light dessert like a fruit tart.

It goes along like a house of fire. Try this combination now!

6. Americano with cupcakes (vanilla)

Americano is a relatively proper drink in most regions. It is one drink that you can have the assurance that you will like. If you want to combine it with a dessert, vanilla buttercream cupcakes will go perfectly well with it.

Make sure that you always pair it with a rich dessert so that you don’t drown the flavor of Americano.

Note: There are certain rules like roast of the coffee or the region of the coffee

when pairing it with desserts. However, don’t be afraid to experiment as it can

give you a combination that you unquestionably love.

Oh! My mouth is watering! Decadent desserts along with a quintessential cup of espresso coffee can make anyone’s day happy. Try these combinations and let us know in the comments below which was the best one.

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