6 Things a Hotel Receptionist Should Never Do At Work

The job industry suffered huge losses in the last year due to the pandemic. The rate of unemployment increased, and it affected everybody on a personal level. Such disasters were completely unprecedented.

However, with things getting back to normal as more and more people are getting vaccinated every day, things are slightly getting better. Although the rate is gradual, change is happening. Moreover, after going through a dark time, people have also become more adaptive. They, too, are experimenting with the new normal.

Many people are trying new job alternatives. They are trying to make do with whatever opportunity presents itself. So, are you looking to change your job? Or are you starting your career in any given field?

Starting a new job post-pandemic is difficult. With sectors recovering gradually, there are but limited opportunities. That is why you need to keep trying a lot to find a job that meets your ends.

The hospitality sector, once wrecked, is now once again beaming with possibilities. The pandemic indeed made this sector suffer a lot. But now that things are getting back to normal, demands are rising again. The pandemic created gaps in this sector. These gaps are now in need of being fulfilled.

That is why you should not let go of any opportunity that leads you here. With the job sectors finally opening again, this might be the best time for you to start shifting your focus here. These days, hotel receptionist jobs in London are very popular.

The hospitality industry is all about representation. So they need faces to interact with the customers. This is their point of sale, and a huge part of their business depends on them. That is why it is important to have good receptionists. Naturally, these industries put a lot of thought into hiring them.

Thus, if you land one or are planning to land one, these are the things that you should never do as a receptionist.

Don’t be rude and judgemental: In any kind of business, especially hospitality, the customer is the king. They are your guests, and you must take care of them.

That is why all receptionists should have an extremely polite tone of talking. There cannot be any kind of coldness in the speech. A receptionist is expected to maintain a warm and cordial relationship with the guest.

If there is any misbehavior from the guests’ side, you can always take it up with your seniors.

Don’t be messy: A receptionist must be prim and proper. They represent the hotel line, and thus, at work, they cannot afford to be messy. Make sure that you do your work to perfection.

Keep your desk clean and clear at all times. Don’t make clutters; keep all things handy on the desk. This is bound to create a good impression on the customers.

Don’t dress untidy: Your first impression is the last one. This proverb is very true in the hospitality sector. And your wardrobe speaks even before you do. That is why you cannot afford to dress badly if you’re working as a hotel receptionist.

Your clothes need to be ironed and tucked well. Your hair needs to be in place, your shoes clean. This will give a good vibe about the hotel as well.

Don’t show signs of anxiousness: Your beauty lies in your confidence. Showing signs of anxiousness like cracking knuckles, biting nails, shaking legs is not appreciated. This will reflect poor confidence in the place you’re working for.

Thus, be confident about the things you say and do. This will make the guests happy and put more faith in your brand.

Don’t be a bad communicator: Communication is a very important characteristic required in receptionists. That is the fundamental role they play between the hotel and its guests.

That is why they need to be great in communication. They need to convey the values of the hotels well. They should also be a great listener in case the guest wants to convey some issue or other.

Lack of sensitivity: As a hotel receptionist and also in life, being sensitive is extremely important. Sensitivity is very important in the hospitality sector. This is because you are interacting with humans all the time, and this will help you connect with them more.

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