6 Things You Need to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

When you have a dog in the family, you can never have a boring day. These fluffy, cuddly creatures have certainly made our lives better in so many ways. They are our best friends and love us unconditionally. So it is also our responsibility as their friends and caregivers, to give them the best life possible.

Dogs have very little to complain about when you give them the right kind of food and lots of affection. After all, they are intelligent creatures who understand that humans will take care of them. But there are certain things we can do for our dogs that will keep them healthy and happy. In short, a few things can give us a chance to enjoy a longer time with our furry friends.

Let us see some of those things.

The To-Do List for a Happy Pet

1. Nutrition: The right kind of food at a specified time and amount is the first requirement of any healthy dog. Small dogs require a different diet as compared to big dogs, which has to be decided by the vet. This diet keeps a dog fit and free from obesity and its related diseases. A Sydney pet hotel owner reminds us how tiny treats are always good for any dog when they are trained or are just having fun outdoors, but shouldn’t be overused. Along with the food, enough water should be given to them throughout the day to keep them hydrated and active.

2. Exercise: If you have the diet chart planned out for your dog but they are still falling sick, the most likely reason is the lack of exercise. Your dog should get the right kind of exercise as its size for the sole reason to be healthy. Exercise in dogs also improves their emotional health and they connect with their family better. Daily walks (twice a day if possible), swimming, playing fetch – there are so many fun activities to do with your dog. It can be a good idea to get a few dog toys online for your little friends from time to time. It shows them that you are interested in their well-being.

3. Checkups: It is recommended that your pet should be taken to the vet at least once a year for a regular check-up. An annual checkup can help the vet keep track of the health of your dog and it helps them to conduct various tests to rule out the possibility of any diseases. These wellness checks are important for the same reason that a human needs a checkup once in a while to see if they are doing okay. So even if your dog is not showing any signs of sickness, choose a specific time for an annual visit to the vet.

4. Safety checks: When you are bringing a dog home, you are welcoming them into your family. They are officially your responsibility, as is their safety and well-being. It is necessary to get the name tags, ID tags, microchips as soon as possible. This way, if they accidentally get lost or run astray, they can be located and brought to safety. Other than this, toxic substances and inedible materials should be kept away from them as puppies will not realize they are harmful and might fall sick.

5. Grooming: Would you be healthy and happy if you did not take a bath for weeks and your hair was fuzzy all the time? That is the exact case with your furry friends. Only they are more helpless because they cannot trim their own hair and nails or take a bath. So you should look after them, give them a bath and trim their nails when it is time. You should take them for dog grooming in Durham NC occasionally.

6. Lots of love: The most important thing your dog needs from you at any given moment is affection. These innocent creatures do not need anything else but a little love and attention. So always look out for these friends, give them some time and play with them. In the rush of daily lives, we sometimes forget to take care of our pets. But they are our responsibility and should be cared for. Because in times you need company, they will be the first ones to come to the rescue.

Anti Anxiety Dog Bed

Anxiety is a condition that affects a large population of dogs – an astonishing 70% of dogs display some form of anxiety. The more severe the signs are the bigger the chances are of a dog developing a serious form of dog anxiety disorder.

Spotting the problem early can make the way to getting well easier. If you have any doubt your pet has separation, fear, or shelter anxieties talk to your vet about possible solutions. Even if the problem is as small as silent whining it can always turn for the worse.

Dog anxiety treatment is something that requires dedication from the owners, the vet, and the dog’s trainer. While most dogs need to be trained to start associating the things that make them anxious with nice things, some will benefit from an anti-anxiety dog bed.

Medications to keep your dog calm will be prescribed when the symptoms are expressed or when the dog becomes anxiety-aggressive.

We hope this list helps you and your buddies to have a happy and healthy life!

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