Ready for a new year and a new look? Before you run into the closest barbershop for a cut, you want to be sure they’ll do a good job. There are few things more noticeable than a bad haircut, and it won’t go anywhere for a least a month or two.

Finding the best barbershop requires some research. Consider these points before you pick your barber.

  1. Services Offered

Before you decide a nice-looking barbershop has the best barber for you, you need to make sure they can do what you need. You can see services offered on a lot of websites or by walking into an affordable barbershop and simply asking what they can do. Be specific with what you’re looking for so you know the barber can handle your hair type and the style you want.

  1. The Barbers

A barbershop is nothing without the actual barbers and stylists inside. You want to check out who works at the barbershops near me and the type of hair they usually work with. If they have an Instagram or a website look at the example cuts and see if any are similar to what you want.

  1. Clean Shop

One of the main qualities of a good barbershop is that it’s clean and well maintained. As anyone who’s had their hair cut knows, hair gets everywhere. It’s not something you want to be dealing with when you first walk into a shop, especially when it’s someone else’s.

Walk into the shop you’re thinking of and take a look around. Does it look clean and put together? Is it a space you would want to spend an hour or two in?

  1. Reviews

Online reviews and recommendations from friends or people who’ve gone to a shop can say a lot for the people working there and the quality of the cut. If you’re just starting out on your quest of how to choose a barbershop, ask people who have good style. Talk to your friends with the best haircuts and ask them where they went.

  1. Communication

Be sure you can have a good conversation about what you want with a barber before you sit down for several hours. A haircut needs to be about what you want and what would look best. When you talk to them about the styles you want are you getting good feedback and helpful responses?

  1. Sampling

While it would be great if all of the above criteria would ensure the barber you pick is perfect for you and your look, the best way to gauge if a barber will work for and with you is to do a test run. You don’t have to get anything dramatic done with your hair, but maybe go in for a small trim or to clean up the sideburns and back a bit.

The Best Barbershop in Town

Not every barbershop will work for you. Hair is a very individual quality and some barbers work well with some people but not others. When you want to find the best barbershop, remember that you’re looking for a place that can take care of you and your hair.

Don’t settle for one when you can find a great shop and barber to make you look your best. And if this helped you get started on finding the right shop, keep reading for more good tips.

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